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    Any Railroad, Any Route, Any Era - Part 8

    Thread Starter: eolesen

    Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for almost five years: ...

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    Packerland Project

    Thread Starter: eolesen

    There are a lot of routes covering the east & west coasts... it's time for the North Coast to get some time in the spotlight... My hope is to...

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    ES44 Re-Skins

    Thread Starter: dnewmanjr

    Re-skinned some Grand Master copies while still recovering from an operation... (These are using the new SLI Canadian Pacific and Union Pacific GEVO...

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    T:ANE Delayed To 2015

    Thread Starter: NorthernWarrior

    It's now official... http://forums.auran.com/trainz/content.php?93-Announcing-Trainz-A-New-Era-Community-Edition which is what some of us more...

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    New patch coming next week for TS2015 with the following fixes.

    Thread Starter: Flybyme

    Train Simulator 2015 patch coming soon . October 4, 2014 at 10:41pm We will soon be releasing the first patch for TS2015. The patch is...

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    Diesels West thread below

    Thread Starter: trainman_47

    Someone posted an obvious update to the DW thread and it was closed. WHY? When I try to access the website or the address he gave, I get this.....You...

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    Panamint Crossing Update

    Thread Starter: Marioth

    Greetings! I would like to share with you the progress of Panamint Crossing. Designed for TS2015, the route has with these features so far: * All...

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    Jordan 646

    Beta-testing !!

    Thread Starter: Jordan 646

    Sir, What is the procedure if i want to get beta-tested my route(s)/activities before publishing them for public use ?

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    Need help PLEASE getting Run8 to run

    Thread Starter: pdxmike

    I just got everything downloaded tonight and installed. I ran the XNAFX setup and the updates. I then tried to run Run8, I get a orange square that...

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    Chandrima Bannerjee

    MSTS Tracks

    Thread Starter: Chandrima Bannerjee

    How can I delete a particular track section without going into Route Editor? My route crashes at a particular point. I know its because of a faulty...

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