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    Reverse Engineering Models

    Thread Starter: Hack

    The following thread on Elvas Tower was brought to my attention of a product to reverse engineer our models. We should band together and continue to...

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    How to get in touch with steam support ?

    Thread Starter: ericson38

    I forgot my steam password, so they keep sending notices to my email account, except that they don't get there, so I created a new ID/password on...

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    Accessing the Siskiyou Route

    Thread Starter: dmrick

    I am in the process of creating the Siskurail.com website and I have a serious concern that I'm looking for feedback about. I have just spent over...

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    That damn squeak when running default stock

    Thread Starter: northstar1661

    Hi all, How do I get rid of that awful squeak when running default freight stock ? Any suggestions please. Thanks , Northstar1661

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    Twin Cities Route 2015

    Thread Starter: brandon261

    Hey everyone I know I have not posted on here for quite some time but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and I are in the...

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    Any Railroad, Any Route, Any Era - Part 9

    Thread Starter: dedwa15237

    Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for almost five years: ...

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    Open Rails FPS

    Thread Starter: rosssweet

    Thought it was time I checked out Open Rails. It sure runs smoothly ! FPS, great !

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    Is anyone writing OR format .eng files?

    Thread Starter: plainsman

    Years ago, I accurately modeled almost every North American diesel electric locomotive .eng file in MSTS format (GE_V4.93, v4_7sd, v47gp, v493al,...

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    Missing textures on IronHorseHouse locos

    Thread Starter: 72Glory

    Prior to IHH going out of business I purchased the Class 52 and the Western diesel packs. I used the locos on scenarios which I created on the...

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    MSTS lifer

    Stock Pen Chutes

    Thread Starter: MSTS lifer

    Hi gang. I'm wanting to design a stock pen with a pair of stock chutes. I for the life of me can't find any info on how high the chutes need to...

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