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    Fictional Railroads 6

    Thread Starter: BNSF1959

    I will start a new page for Fictional Railroads Part 6. Rules apply here is if you make a comment to other screenshot, make sure you have a...

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    Reverse Engineering Models

    Thread Starter: Hack

    The following thread on Elvas Tower was brought to my attention of a product to reverse engineer our models. We should band together and continue to...

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    Various screenshots with no particular theme...

    Thread Starter: mword77

    ... from Cajon and Sea View

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    How to get in touch with steam support ?

    Thread Starter: ericson38

    I forgot my steam password, so they keep sending notices to my email account, except that they don't get there, so I created a new ID/password on...

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    Gateway to Space!

    Thread Starter: Hack

    Work in progress. :) Just North of Fleta along Hwy 14. Entering South Mojave Yard (BNSF route from Barstow in foreground and UP line in...

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    CSX A Line

    Thread Starter: tdwolf

    Here are some more screen shots

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    LODs vs. Draw Calls

    Thread Starter: bcrailfan

    I have a question , here, concerning LODs and, draw calls . I have this one Tile that had me pulling my hair out, as far as very low frame rates...

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    March Madness Sale on now until the 9th March. Up to 50% off on some DLC

    Thread Starter: Flybyme


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    That damn squeak when running default stock

    Thread Starter: northstar1661

    Hi all, How do I get rid of that awful squeak when running default freight stock ? Any suggestions please. Thanks , Northstar1661

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    REF file too small ( or too much REF file content ) ?

    Thread Starter: bcrailfan

    While I do not have my screenshot with me right now, I did get a never-seen-before Route Editor error message, upon launching the Route Editor . ...

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