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    Any Railroad, Any Route, Any Era - Part 8

    Thread Starter: eolesen

    Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for almost five years: ...

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    Fictional Railroads 6

    Thread Starter: BNSF1959

    I will start a new page for Fictional Railroads Part 6. Rules apply here is if you make a comment to other screenshot, make sure you have a...

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    2015 Coming September 18th.

    Thread Starter: dejoh

    For the people interested in Railworks. http://www.engine-driver.com/article/show/4681/train-simulator-2015-announced-for-18-september-2014

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    Anyway to UNDO TCS Emergency Braking, or disable it?

    Thread Starter: Komachi

    Ok so I'm running the KEystone on the PRR Eastern Route between Conewago and Elizabethtown, going towards PHI. Using the TT ACS64 Locomotive, and all...

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    R. Steele

    Just info Run8 and Open Rails

    Thread Starter: R. Steele

    I made a comment in another post about (IMO) Run8 and Open Rails currently being the two best Train Simulators. Actually besides TS2014 (which I did...

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    Microsoft Windows

    Thread Starter: OTTODAD

    It appears that the problem with running graphics intensive programs in Windows lies deeper than their code, as can be seen by the screenshots below,...

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    Thread Starter: OTTODAD

    This subject is being mentioned again in connection with TS-2015 and although I am not interested wonder how a train simulator that allows only one...

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    DBTracks Extension for US3 set.

    Thread Starter: Steven

    Well, I think I have sorted out the profile for the US3 track set and have completed a replacement for the A1tPnt10d150rLft. Attached zip has the...

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