• Announcing The Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives Heritage Collection

    Announcing The Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives Heritage Collection

    This package has been produced as a fund raising effort for steam preservation in Canada. All fund collected through the sales of the Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotive Heritage Collection, less the cost of CD's and postage, will be donated to organizations furthering that cause. Donations will be made under the name CPHS and the donations will be attached to a letter explaining the true source of the funds, you the Train Simulator enthusiast.

    CPHS would like to thank the Canadian Pacific Railroad for allowing the distribution of this package, use of there heritage liveries, and for waiving royalties so that we can provide the maximum possible donation to Canadian steam preservation.


    CP 29 Class A1e 4-4-0
    CP 3000 Class F2a 4-4-4
    CP 2354 Class G3e 4-6-2
    CP 2717 Class G4b 4-6-2
    CP 2816 Class H1b 4-6-4
    CP 2860 Class H1e 4-6-4
    CP 5916 Class T1a 2-10-4
    CP 5930 Class T1c 2-10-4
    CP 5935 Class T1c 2-10-4


    Standard heavy weights
    U class fluted heavy weights
    Mount Stephen business car


    Standard late CP vestibule cab
    Selkirk slope sided cab

    For more information, visit:


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