• New From BLW - The BN Alco Freight Pack

    The BN Alco Freight Pack includes:

    15 engines
    42 wagons
    1 caboose

    4 C425 "4260" "4262" "4263" & "4264"
    4 C636 "4363" "4366" "4368" & "4369"
    2 RS3 "4064" & "4068"
    2 RS11 "4180" & "4188"
    1 S2 "909" ex: NP 709
    3 Boxcars
    7 Gondolas MT & 4 LD (gravel, small pipes, large pipes, pulpwood)
    7 Tankcar MT & LD
    3 Cement Hopper Mt & LD
    1 Caboose "10305" ex NP

    Original Cab, Sound & Vcab

    and more

    S2 Green 702 &710
    S2 ex: SP&S
    CB&Q Gondola with Poles

    Gaetan Belanger BLW (Belanger Locomotive Work)

    1. Boyerm25's Avatar
      Boyerm25 -
      What game is this for?
    1. dtrainBNSF1's Avatar
      dtrainBNSF1 -
      Amazing that people are still making dlc for the good ol' MSTS. Good to see that it's not dead
    1. pallent's Avatar
      pallent -
      Good point from Boyerm25: Nels, please add a sim designator to each item in your products list (e.g., TS, Trnz, MSTS, etc.) Thanks!
    1. shalako's Avatar
      shalako -
      Quote Originally Posted by dtrainBNSF1 View Post
      Amazing that people are still making dlc for the good ol' MSTS. Good to see that it's not dead
      It is actually much better than it was when Microsoft was supporting it. the 3rd party people have pushed it well beyond what it was originally. With bin and the new computers the difference is like fs2004 to fsx. You just need go to Streamlines, Diesels West or Valley Sales (BLW)sites and you will see. And if you take a look at "at the railyard" reviews {www.attherailyard.com} you can see the changes over time. I have tried the other two sims but went back to MSTS and will stay there it does all I need ed
    1. bigdj4449's Avatar
      bigdj4449 -
      Downloaded this set as soon as it was released. Awesome set at an amazing price!!!
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