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    by Published on 12-11-2002 10:00 AM
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    Nels Anderson does some 1980's era eastern North American freight railroading with Maple Leaf Tracks' version of this famous mountain pass; the add-on also includes locomotives, freight cars and activities.
    Published on 12-10-2002 10:00 AM
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    Now available from Maple Leaf Tracks is a collection of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad locomotives and rolling stock from the 1960's. Included are locomotives such as the SW9, GP9, GP30, GP35, SD35 and RSD-12. Also included are activities that use this equipment on Maple Leaf Tracks' Sandpatch Route.
    Published on 12-09-2002 10:00 AM
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    Now available from Railwaves.com is a sound package for the UK Class 66 and 67 diesel locomotives. Thes sounds are based on recordings of a real Class 66 made especially for this package.
    Published on 12-04-2002 10:00 AM
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    Microsoft Game Studios announces the opening of the Microsoft Simulations Store, offering apparel, bags, mugs, watches, etc. with Microsoft Flight Simulator and Train Simulator logos.
    Published on 11-26-2002 10:00 AM
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    The University Of Munich is currently undertaking a research project on flight and train simulators and needs your help. They are looking for users and especially for add-on developers for Microsoft Train Simulator and for Auran's Trainz to fill out a survey.
    Published on 11-25-2002 10:00 AM
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    Now available from Sylium is CC 6500 Pack + T.A.C., their second add-on for MSTS. Included are four locos and various cars all with photoreal textures, full 3D interiors, special sounds and more.
    Published on 11-22-2002 10:00 AM
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    Just Trains has just released a number of announcements. First is that the Just Trains TGV route now has an update available. Also available is a free skins upgrade to the Just Trains Euro Loco Pack. Finally, Just Trains has opened a message forum on their web site.
    Published on 11-05-2002 10:00 AM
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    Now available from Dekosoft is their SD40-2 Pro series which includes seven detailed models with two custom cabs. Both high and low hood versions are included, all with lots of 3D details. Also, special offers are available when purchasing two packs together.
    Published on 10-31-2002 10:00 AM
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    DCM has announced TsPathfinder, a utility intended for the typical Microsoft Train Simulator users, who wants to create maps of routes. TsPatherfinder will create maps of entire routes or maps specific to a particular activity. A special offer is also available for those who want to purchase both TsPathfinder and TsTools.
    Published on 10-31-2002 10:00 AM
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    Woodbridge Softworks has announced the launch of Woodbridge's Train Simulation Craftsman Magazine, a quarterly magazine to be published on CD. Each issue has features such as review, routes, project and supporting files.
    Published on 10-21-2002 10:00 AM
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    Simulatortracks has announced that work on the Paris - Lille TGV route is finished, and final test runs are being done before release. The route starts at either Chessy TGV station (sound of Marne la Vallee) or Paris Gare du Nord and proceeds north to either Lille Europe or Lille Flandres station.
    Published on 10-18-2002 10:00 AM
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    Microsoft Train Simulator Insider has additional information about the update to MSTS announced yesterday. Read their announcement, which has a variety of links to various information here.

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