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    North Jersey Coast Line merged with New York - New Haven Line

    Thread Starter: OTTODAD

    Danny Leach about to release it in the Workshop made me have a look at what is involved. The creators of the North Jersey route intelligently...

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    The Rocky Mountain Narrow Gauge

    Thread Starter: MountainMan

    Still no actual player comments?

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    Anyone still interested in Canadian stuff eh?

    Thread Starter: trainboy6218

    So iv been away for a few years after my computer died, but I have managed to get it working again. If I can acess the data on my old hard drive is...

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    Bnsf et44c4s

    Thread Starter: trainman_47

    Just downloaded the three unit set done by Chris Wallace. They looked REALLY good but in the sim the new FA would not work. I guess this is another...

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    Unclear error in OpenRailsLog.txt

    Thread Starter: Hannes44

    Please could someone in the know clarify what's the problem here - Thank you in advance. From the OpenRailsLog.txt: Information:...

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    Tutorial Route.ace & MyROUTE

    Thread Starter: unicorn

    I just installed MSTS and after install Route Riter reports that a file is missing 'Tutorial.ace' and that the Tutorial Route won't run without it....

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    Shounak Chatterjee

    Tricky MSTS

    Thread Starter: Shounak Chatterjee

    I run MSTS on a desktop having the following specs: Dual Core Processor Ram - 4 GB Integrated Graphics Card and the game runs like a...

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    RMD West Red light in Explorer mode

    Thread Starter: ttjjj

    Hi ! I run mostly OpenRails (X3595) these days, and I have about 40 routes or so, mostly US and German. My computer is an 3,9GHz processor with...

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    Indian Addons

    Thread Starter: ahat8923

    Does anybody but me think that Indian users are spamming Indian Addons? I somewhat feel like we need to make a separate website for those if they are...

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    Freeroam scenareios with AI trains

    Thread Starter: usnret

    There has been some interesting talk about having AI trains operating in a freereoam scenario. But there seems to be one restriction in what has...

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