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    Any Railroad, Any Route, Any Era - Part 9

    Thread Starter: dedwa15237

    Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for almost five years: ...

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    Photos from Vazyuk, small settlement and station in Russia

    Thread Starter: Vazyuk

    Hello! I want to talk about their native place. I was born in the settlement Vazyuk, it is in the Kirov region, Russia. My settlement (although it...

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    Various screenshots with no particular theme...

    Thread Starter: mword77

    ... from Cajon and Sea View

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    MSTS Activity Editor and Windows 10 - Help!

    Thread Starter: latimers

    Iíve run into a problem that I canít solve and Iím hoping someone might have some ideas of what to try next. I have two computers that had MSTS...

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    MSTS Crashes at Establishing World Space and Content

    Thread Starter: Prakash2020

    Two problems I'm facing now 1. MSTS crashes at "Establishing world space and contents" if I want to explore my route at Night. But, if I want to...

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    New D/L of U28Bs and U30Bs

    Thread Starter: crstagg

    Just downloaded the CB&Q U28B and U30B repaints. All the ENG files have the same typo. I expect that the other ones of other RRs have the same...

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    My beef with DTG

    Thread Starter: 72Glory

    Jack, As you well know I have had issues with your "program." To that end I have been looking at a newer PC to cope with TS. I will not reveal the...

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    NEC v4 activities.

    Thread Starter: oldgreyowl

    We are looking at writing some activities for this route. We have the route plans from this library and can see 5 seperate lines, Amtrak, CSX,DC...

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    Are AI, Trail, and reversed Locomotives still needed?

    Thread Starter: solarnet

    Are AI, Trail, and reversed Locomotives still needed? I'm running OR if that makes a difference. I've been going through all my equipment and I...

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    Clicked on MSTS and nothing happens

    Thread Starter: trainman53

    Hello everyone! Sorry this is the wrong thread to be posting this but I decided to get MSTS on my desktop which is a windows 7 same as my laptop...

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