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    Classic 3 bay's

    Thread Starter: MsSheare

    I have been working with Dave on the next part of the eastern project. So here is the first 2 cars i have completed. to use these cars you will...

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    Scenes Without Trains, Part 2

    Thread Starter: eolesen

    Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for years and years : ...

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    Run 8 features in next years version.

    Thread Starter: traingp7

    We all saw the eye candy of the new version of CSX Heavy Haul but I would like to know if any of the awesome features of Run 8 will be in the new...

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    CN 411 Pulls into Vermilion,AB

    Thread Starter: tie

    CN 411 pulls into Vermilion,AB. The town is starting to grow ;) OR-Verm1 by CN Edmonton, on Flickr OR-Verm23 by CN Edmonton, on Flickr OR-Verm22...

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    Duplicate siding names

    Thread Starter: dwkarch

    When I make activities, I only make simple point to point runs, sometimes with AI train meets. However, as I now expand a route and add additional...

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    Ghost files?

    Thread Starter: mantonio131

    I really need to know is it me hallucinating or when I launch the Macroworks 3.1 program for Raildriver, operate a train and afterwards check my...

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    Illinois Railroad Museum Visit

    Thread Starter: qballbandit

    Took another visit to the IRM a couple of weekends back, and grabbed a few pictures. Enjoy!

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    Coming Soon... Brand New RS3 from BLW/ZT

    Thread Starter: WynterLee

    As some of you know, BLW/ZT has been hard at work on a new RS3 model for Open Rails and MSTS. Here are Rutland 205 and 208, as they would appear in...

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    Installing MSTS on my windows 10 but can't find "NEWROADS"

    Thread Starter: LionelDave

    I have installed MSTS on my windows 10 laptop using Steam4Me procedure and it works ok on my laptop But I had to skip installing "newroads: because...

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    Stock Required?

    Thread Starter: TrainMaster8010

    What is the list of stock required to run the Metro Route. I found it on the trainsim file library under mroute1.zip and downloaded it. It didn't...

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