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Thread: How much do real locomotives cost?

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    Default How much do real locomotives cost?

    Not that im in the market for a new or used one :P, but i'd like to know the approx. price of a..

    Big boy

    heh, i'll bet nobody can tell me the price of big boy

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    Default RE: How much do real locomotives cost?

    I remember reading somewhere that an Alco charged UP $265,000 per BB delivered in 1941, which works out to about $3,200,000 today. I dont have exact figures here for those diesels, but most big AC units run
    in the $2-$2.5 million each range, depending on number bought, etc..


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    Default RE: How much do real locomotives cost?

    You can probably find old outrunned, decently maintained U-boats or the such for around 70 grand or so.. or the price of a sports car, the such.

    The thing is, no one would sell it to you unless you had your own class 1-3 railroad that needed it leased/bought. Would be cool to have it sitting next to my house though :-)

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    Default RE: How much do real locomotives cost?

    I once talked to a guy who owned a local railroad just how much it cost him to buy it from SCL.

    He said that at the time. (I think some time in the seventies or eighties) that it cost him like 1000 bucks a mile.

    I jokingly said that heh, I'd love to buy a quarter mile then for 250 bucks and he told me something really cool.

    SOMETIMES, railroads will abandon trackage "in tact"

    What that means is, the trackage is abandoned in a state where most of the trackage is just left in place.

    Such trackage may be bought, paying a set price to the state per mile, and as he said, about 1 dollar per mile to the railroad. He cited a certain abandoned in tact line that I've been allowed to monkey around on. The line, a short 100 miles, connects with CSX on one end, and his line on the other. He figured that for me to purchase it would cost around ten K.

    He also told me something funny.

    Ever been driving along and see an abandoned railroad that someone got tired of dealing with and moved the ties and rails, reclaiming the land? Well, technically they can't do that. When the railroad abandones the line, the property (fifty feet on each side for the ROW in single track or one hundred in double track cases) reverts not to the land owner, but to the state. In order to reclaim the track ROW, ideally the landowner should buy the land back from the state. Most don't bother though. Now, most states don't really sweat the details since it's rare that when a railroad abandones a line that someone comes in a few years later and buys it. But, if a railroad purchased the line, believe it or not, they could force the landowners to pay damages, move buildings, or even have their homes demolished if it couldn't be moved from the right of way and face charges for criminal trespass.

    It's funny really. And, if I ever get ten K, maybe I'll buy that old line :)

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    Default RE: How much do real locomotives cost?

    Recently I saw a few Alco S4's I believe for about 25k a piece. I know there not big mainline pwoer, but they should work.

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    Default RE: How much do real locomotives cost?


    I only can speak for the trains in holland,

    but recently we've bought a new state of the art train with al the electronic gadgets you can think of, think of starting the compressor and motorgenerator with the mouse on a sort of laptop (I'm not kidding !!)

    And the costs will be about 12 million euro's that the same as 12 million dollars these days !

    Maybe later on I will have a picture of it.

    gr. rg!

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    Default RE: How much do real locomotives cost?

    This guy that owns his own railroad or at least uses it. This railroad wouldnt be located in virginia would it? Im asking because there was a guy that wanted to buy an area of tracks that NS or CSX didnt use anymore in Strausburg, VA. He wanted to turn it into a tourist railroad.

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