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Thread: Class DD40AX Centennial (Do-Do)

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    >Yes they did. How does that relate to the size of the

    It doesn't relate to the size of the wheels.... It relates to the fact that if there is already one out there and the original poster doesn't know about it, then he might want to take a look see if he still wants to, if he's asking for drawings in order to build one.

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    Scoopey Guest

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    I might have a look for the free one or maybe just have a go myself as I just have to build in 3D!!
    My first loco will be ready for release in the next couple of weeks so I was looking for another project!
    Steve C

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    trainsonthebrain Guest

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    Here are some potential project ideas. A few of the commonly overlooked Double Diesels.
    GE U50
    EMD DD35

    The DD35s were also available as "B-Units". A couple DD35Bs would look DARN fine sandwiched between two Centenials. :D :D :D
    Just a thought... ;) :D

    By the way... if you still need spec. info, let me know. I have what you need, if you havent found it already.

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    Default RE: Class DD40AX Centennial (Do-Do)

    If I'm not mistaken, the U-50's were actually B-B-B-B, not D-D. Still would be a neat loc to have on my "Lionelized" MSTS.
    de N4JNM former KC6YJN
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    Scoopey Guest

    Default RE: Class DD40AX Centennial (Do-Do)

    I still have to finish the current FS2002 project and then the British Class 20 I am working on and then I might have a go at one of those or the other big mother!
    Another one I was considering is a similar idea to that new Modern steam idea where it resembles a diesel (cannot remeber its name). However this was a British Southern region train built to look like a diesel at the end of the Steam period, Bullieds Leader. At least I have a couple of books on that. Or if anyone else wants the plans I have a full set.

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    trainsonthebrain Guest

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    You are correct. The U50s did use paired sets of B-B trucks. They were essentially two U25s under one car-body. The fact that they were B-B truck pairs is one of the things that did them in. Two costly to maintain. They did, however house two engines,... thus my categorization of the Behemoth as as a "double dieseled" locomotive.

    More power to ya if you do decide to tackle the project Scoopey. If I can be of any assistance I would be more than willing. :D


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