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Thread: Milwaukee Road, Lombard, Montana,

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    Default Milwaukee Road, Lombard, Montana,

    EF-2 E34

    crosses the Missouri River at Lombard....

    Those trees have to come down!

    Crossing the former Montana Railroad's interchange and Sixteenmile Creek:
    Note to Jerry: There should be catenary poles on the interchange with the NP here and the "yards".

    EF-2 E34A with detail unique to the prototype:

    EF-3 E29 leaving Harlowton:

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    Default RE: Milwaukee Road, Lombard, Montana,

    Hi Tim,

    I already have poles installed here on my personal copy of the route. I could easily include them into the forthcoming update of the route if Jerry agrees - you'll get your poles. What's worse is that I just see that
    a) that spanning wire from the pole on the overpass needs to be moved out of the interchange track's way urgently!
    b) that interchange track needs to be lowered, or you'll knock your pan off on the overpass!

    Gotta call MoW, quick :D

    Lukas a.k.a Swissie

    Edit: Love the added detail of the new v2!

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    Default RE: Milwaukee Road, Lombard, Montana,

    Tim, the second and fourth are superb shots - as for the model - you are the master, and no mistaking.



    Happily non partisan rail simmer getting seriously lost in a plethora of simulators...

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