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Thread: BVE Global statistic:(Current/Potential)Workforce

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    Default BVE Global statistic:(Current/Potential)Workforce

    Hi all.Firstly Happy New Year.BVE has been a quite some years old,and it would be good to know the current situation of BVE development.And it becomes more reasonable when it is the end of a year.So here it goes.
    In the first part of the statistics,I would like to know the workforce of BVE-number of developer of BVE,their info,and their development state.
    May all developers please spent a little time to read this carefully and reply as the format that will be told below and below.
    First,may I define the terms "developers"
    In short,if you have the ability to do development in BVE or if you have done some real work,you're a developer.

    You are an Object developers if you fulfill ANY of the points below:
    1)You know all(or most,at least) of the b3d or csv object command AND can remember them in your memories.
    2)You've built object(s) by yourself for most/all of the parts of that object.(Except for textures and tools like b3d builder)
    3)You can modify other's object with ease
    You are a Route developers if you fulfill ANY of the points below:
    1)You know all(or most,at least) of the rw or csv route file command AND can remember them in your memories.
    2)You've built a route by yourself for most/all parts(Excluding sound file,object and texture files,etc)(Use of "help" software like Route Builder is permitted)
    3)You've tried to collect data for a route(stations,trackwork,position...) with sucess
    4)You can point out errors in a route file,and can modify other's work to your demand
    You are a Train developers if you fulfill ANY of the points below:
    1)You know all(or most,at least) of the structure of a train in BVE,know their commands(of panel/train info-braking,for example) and (some,at least)name of sound files.
    2)You've built a train by yourself for all/most parts(Excluding sound files,textures...)(Use of "help" software is allowed)
    3)You can modify other's train with ease
    You are an External developers if you fulfill ANY of the points below:
    1)You've created texture yourself(or taken their photos outside)
    2)You've created sound files yourself(or recorded from outside)
    3)You've built softwares like Route Builder to help BVE development.

    For all developers,please reply DIRECTLY to this message by clicking "reply" at the end of this post,and reply according to the following format(Use "Info" as title):

    Name:(Your name here.Real name or nickname/internet name can be accepted,as long as it don't go too far.Names like 264876,hgcghf,or noname would NOT be accepted-use common sense)
    Position:(Where do you live.Write the country you're living,if it's small country that's all,if it is large one like USA,China,please tell which states/provinces you lived)
    Contact:(Offical way to contact you.Mostly email,if not,ICQ num,MSN... can be accepted,but please tell if it is MSN,ICQ,Yahoo or what.If you have none of the above,but stay at a forum often you can tell the web address and your username.Otherwise wirte none)
    Developers:(Write what kind of developers are you?See (*) for detail.Note you can be more than one kind of developer at the same time)
    i:(Write if you are oldbie or newbie here)
    ii:(Write if you have done a lot of productions-objects,route,texture... If yes,write "productive",otherwise write "Non-productive")
    iii:(Write if you are recently busy with something,if yes,write "active",else "inactive",OR if you have retired just write "retired".If you think you will be back,write "retired(temp)".)
    Major Achievement:
    (Write one to three major achievement in BVE you are most proud of.It can be a route,object,software,or whatever--Dont write too much here,because our focus point isn't here,we'll focus at here in later statistic)

    That's almost all,except a few note:
    -If you know a retired(but before worked) developers,and sure he/she will not come back,you can write for him/her instead.Just write exactly the same as usual,leave a "?" if you don't know,add (?) after if you're not sure,and at the end write "Info provided by (your name)"
    -No discussion other than:
    i)Provide your/retired people's info
    ii)Correct your info
    iii)Correct missing/wrong info of retired people
    In case ii),reply to your info's post,and just supply the field that was wrong,using the title "Correction"
    In case iii),reply to that wrong post,and post your version if other posted a version different from you,if you're correcting your own post,than just correct those that were wrong.At the end write "Info provided by (your name)".Use "Correction" as title.
    Note that in case you are retired,other posted your info but you found it wrong,just do it like case ii) BUT add "I'm the person as described above"
    -I know many eastern(or non-western) BVE developers doesn't come here,so we should find a way to spread this news to as many people as possible.May be the yahoo BVE group can help by sending a mail to all member telling them to come here.
    -And if you know a BVE developer as a friend but he/she isn't in this forum,may be you can snet a mail to invite him/she to come here.

    That's all.Happy New Year!

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    Default Info

    Position:China,Hong Kong
    (at) is @ and (dot) is . to aviod spam mail
    Developer:Object developer
    Major Achievement:
    i)"Help" translate the route builder into Chinese
    ii)Provided objects as open source for Route Builder

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    Default Info

    Name: Tim Frost / Tim Corbett IRL
    Position: California, USA
    Contact: tcorbett <at>
    Developers: Object, Route, Train
    i: Oldie... been here since before the BVE section was made, and was a member at Crotrainz since June 06, 2002.
    ii: Productive, when I was doing lots of BVE I made a lot of stuff.
    iii: Retired. (indefinitely)
    Major Achievement: NVTA Concept, Yellow and Blue lines. Original F40PH for BVE and assisted with newer versions.

    P.S: In the future, please put a SPACE or two between the end of your sentences and the start of the next one. Makes it much more readable! :)

    [font color="#3366FF"]Tim Frost[font size="-2"]
    Everyone goes home happy if everyone goes home safe. Do it the Union Atlantic Way!
    [a href=""][Link Expired][/a]

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    Default RE: Info

    Name: Phantom909 / Joe ONeil IRL
    Position: Long Island, New York, USA
    contact: [email protected]
    Developer: Routes and Objects
    i: Oldbie
    ii: productive
    iii: active
    Major Acheivement:
    i: Built the NYCTA Grand Central Shuttle Route
    ii: Built the NYCTA #2 Subway Route

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    Default RE: BVE Global statistic:(Current/Potential)Workforce

    Name: Technical Numpty (Andy)
    Position: Essex, UK
    Contact: majesty_125<at>
    Developer: Object, route and external.
    i) Oldbie (well, I've been on this forum almost since it's creation, but that's the extent of my BVE involvement).
    ii) Not sure how to classify myself here. I'm "productive" in the sense that I'm currently developing, but I wouldn't say that I've produced "a lot". I'm still an unpublished developer.
    iii) Active.
    Major Achievement: Most of what I've achieved has been on the privacy of my PC's hard drive. Of all the objects that I have created for my current project (and I have had to create them all, including all textures) there are a couple that took a lot of time and effort to create, and I am very pleased with the results. If you're all nice I might even show them to you...!! ;-)

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, but some of the questions could have been a bit clearer. If you decide that I'm actually "non-productive", let me know so that I can change my entry.

    Technical Numpty

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    Default Update

    Please note in the "State" section,I would like to explain a bit.
    i)newbie or oldbie is to find out if most of developer are new or most have been here since BVE first created.
    ii)productive or non-productive.This ONLY apply in the past,not in current,I mean this is to see the PAST state of BVE development.
    iii)active,inactive,retired,retired(temp).This is similar to ii),but it apply in RECENT times(recent means 2 weaks before and after today).This is to show the CURRENT state of BVE development.
    Now you will see they are seriously organized,thanks.

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