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Thread: MSTS Indian Railways Delhi-Calcutta Trunk Route

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    Default MSTS Indian Railways Delhi-Calcutta Trunk Route

    Hi all,

    I have just completed and uploaded an approx 500KM (in MSTS) Indian Railways route on

    The Delhi to Calcutta trunk route of Indian Railways is one of the busiest in India in terms of Passenger and Freight traffic. Measuring almost 1450KMs, the route passes through the fertile green Gangetic plains of the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh before moving onto Bihar at Mughalsarai Jn. The route climbs up the hills in Bihar and descends to enter the Eastern state of West Bengal.

    The MSTS route is compressed into a 500KM route and is presented in two parts from Delhi to Mughalsarai ( and from Mughalsarai to Calcutta ( Both the routes are available for download at

    Meanwhile, posting a few screenshots from the route:

    Shantanu Biswas

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    Well done, Shanantu! Looking forward to running this.


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    WOOOW awesome stuff shantanu da,cant wait to drive!!

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    i have also downloaded this route bt when i start msts i can't see the route
    i have downloaded all the rolling stocks required for this route
    i used route riter bt when i used the activate route button it said that the route is stored in train store and .trk file is missing
    plsss help

    tell me the steps to install the route

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    how can i download msts the world of indian railways

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    even i can't see the route

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    please ,can you tell me from where exactly can i download the complete program and its size i want to download everything,routes, loco,coaches. thank you

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    Santanu Da : Can both route (Delhi to Mughalsarai Jn & Mughalsarai Jn To Calcutta) be merged together

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    m unable to download this trunk route plz help can i download this route

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    even i cant see the route in the msts menu please help me i am very eager to play the route

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