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Thread: Installing MSTS on Win7 with 32 or 64 bits OS.

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    Default Installing MSTS on Win7 with 32 or 64 bits OS.

    Anyone who wants to know how to install MSTS the proper way on Window 7, can see this here;
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    Default Setting up microsoft keyboard permission

    Post by Bob Edwards aka Oakpalm, he asked me to copy & paste it here for all to read.

    "Hey guys, it had nothing to do with setting folder permissions, ownership, nor anything alse that is out there on the steam4me forum. It all comes down to what Microsoft has done with the Windows 7 with the 64 bit Operating System. My keyboard ( Microsoft Digital Media Pro) worked just fine with Windows 7 32 bit operating system. I found a forum comment on the web how certain consumer products that Microsoft has inbedded into the system would cause the ; key and ' keys to not function when using a different keyboard. Guess what--that ; key and ' key are what operates the train brakes in MSTS. Here is what I had to do to fix the problem:
    1. Go to Start
    2. Go to Control Panel using the icon settings.
    3. Go to Device Manager.
    4.Click on Keyboard. You will see a bunch of other keyboards listed automatically that will be different from what you may be using. They all have something to do with being "HID-compliant control device." You can uninstall those and guess what, They will automatically be reinstalled! You can't disable them. You will also find some of those "HID-compliant devices" listed with your mouse. At least with the mouse, I could disable those by clicking on each of them and instructing the Device Manager to disable them.
    5. But, to get rid of the devices listed with my keyboard which kept returning, I had to go down to System Devices.
    6. Now Click on System Devices.
    7. Look down the list and you will see a device "Consumer IR devices." Click on that and then Disable it.
    8. Reboot your computer.
    9. Go back into the Device Manager.
    10. Click on the Keyboard. Now you can click on each of those HID devices and now you can disable them or permanently uninstall them--and now it is permanent!!
    11. I strongly suggest that you install/reinstall the latest drivers for which ever keyboard and mouse you may be using.
    12. In the event that you tried to use alternate keys with the Keyboard settings at the MSTS loadup screen, then you should instruct it to "restore" defaults.
    13. Now when you run MSTS your keyboard function keys setup for MSTS should work the way they are intended.

    These imbedded devices made it impossible to make any corrective changes with the MSTS keyboard settings.

    Bob Edwards"

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