In the meantime, the Maxima got its German mainline approval in December 2008. The homologation procedure for Belgium and the Netherlands is still ongoing, as well as for Poland and Czechia.

Here's an overview of the Maximas which are now in service:

If you can speak German, than you will find more information about the locomotives on the same site.

As Voith hasn't enough production capacity to build both its Maximas and Gravitas (see below) locos at its Kiel-Wik plant, the Maximas will also be built in licence by Czech company Legios (formerly Lostr Louny, known from its European freight wagons).

In 2008, Voith expanded its product palette with the Gravita 10BB, a 1000kW (+/- 1350 hp) strong engine for medium to heavy shunting/switching work:

At InnoTrans 2008 it was presented in MRCE livery, although that leasing company didn't order (and won't order for the forseeable future) any locomotives from Voith:,110478,110478

Luckily, Voith didn't have to wait long to get the attention of DB. It got an order for 130 of such locomotives, fitting into a plan to replace all non-modernised V60 and V90 locos. In the meantime, a dozen locomotives have been delivered. Locomotives from Class 260 don't have a particulate filter, while those from Class 261 have one.

Unfortunately DB couldn't resist sale-and-leaseback, so now 10 locomotives are sold to northrail (the railway company of the port of Kiel), but are still in red DB livery and hired to DB:

The proper DB locomotives in picture:

Also 2 Swiss private companies (Panlog, a transport company and Stahl Gerlafingen, a metal company) have bought respectively 3 and 2 Gravita 10 BB locos. In Switzerland they are numbered as Am847.

At InnoTrans 2010, Voith extended the Gravita family upwards by introducing the 1500kW (+/- 2015 hp) strong Gravita 15BB, for heavy switching or medium line work: (click the link for large picture)

For the record, all Gravitas are powered with MTU engines:
  • Gravita 10BB: 8V 4000 R41 (Euro 3 emission standards) or 8V 4000 R43 (Euro 4 emission standards)
  • Gravita 15BB: 12V 4000 R43 (Euro 4 emission standards by default)

In the next part I will talk about 2 "unusual" Voith locomotives: the Revita and the Futura (ex MaK DE1024/DB 240 002).