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Thread: 50ft PS-1 Boxcar

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    Default 50ft PS-1 Boxcar


    A new freight car is available: a PS-1 50ft boxcar. It comes in three versions: one from the 1950s with roofwalk and high-mounted brake wheel, one a bit later with a chopped roofwalk, and one from the 1970s with a completely removed roofwalk and rebuilt end fittings.

    A repaint kit is available too! The 'PRR X50' textures are fictional, the X50-class wasn't actually a PS-1 car of this type, but looked quite similar.

    BTW, this model is based on the old bonus car from my payware packs and is the first of many updated models that I'm working on. A new bonus pack is in production too to replace the old boxcar. More about that later!

    This one will install as a new rail vehicle though, so those of you who have the old bonus car can keep it (and any potential repaints there may be) in place.

    You can download it soon from the file libraries near you, or get it right now on my website.

    Here are some screenshots:

    PS-1 standard model

    PS-1 with roofwalk removed

    rebuilt PS-1

    the B end

    brake and ladders on the A end of the rebuilt car


    PS: The couplers are Dick Cowen's and not included in this pack. You can get them at his website,

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    Sweet ! Thank you Michael for releasing it.

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    Looks great, love everything he makes for RW, especially the freeware.

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