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Thread: MSTS Freeware - Pacific Surfliner - Installation Problem

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    Default MSTS Freeware - Pacific Surfliner - Installation Problem

    Good Afternoon!

    I downloaded the Surfliner route last night and installed it as per the readme file. I UNZIP'ed the file into routes, so now the SURFLINER ROUTE folder is in the C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Train Simulator/Routes folder. I then opened up such folder and ran the runme.bat as per the readme file. After done, I closed all folders and started the train sim.exe (Train Simulator) program and went to routes and Surfliner was nowhere to be found. I've added other routes before, like NEC 4.0. I am running Windoes XP Professional on a MacBook Pro w/ Service Pack 3. If someone is having the same problem or knows the fix to the route not showing up, please let me know!


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    First of all, make sure you have the latest version of Xtracks and Newroads installed. Additionally, some more advice on this particular problem can be found here:

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    Thanks for the point out! That was the fix.


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