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Thread: Tsection dat 38+ crashes MSTS!

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    Question Tsection dat 38+ crashes MSTS!

    I do not have this problem my self, but many others in the swedish MSTS community seems to have it. My route requires tsection.dat 41 at least, and most swedish MSTS users are for some reason stuck at build 38. Therefore, many people have problems with my route. I have told them to update to the latest tsection.dat, but that seems to create a new problem: After updating, their MSTS installation stops working! As I understand it, the problem is that MSTS crahses when the program is loading. This problem is apperently linked to the tsection.dat file, and all versions above 38 seems to generate this problem. Does anyone understand why? The same file that works for me, does not work for them!
    Greetings from Sweden!

    I'm building the real Stockholm route as well as the fictional Borawian Railways route for MSTS!

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    The latest tsection is build 44. Have you tested your route with this version?
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    Yes. It works perfectly for me, I have never had any problems. But others got problems when they installed tsection.dat 44.
    Greetings from Sweden!

    I'm building the real Stockholm route as well as the fictional Borawian Railways route for MSTS!

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    There was a thread on this about a week ago and some technical issues were found in the latest Tsection that generated errors for some users..not every MSTS install is the same. What works for 1 user won't neccesarily work for someone else..I believe this thread might shed some light on some of the issues...
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    If you used track sections defined in Build 041, but not in Build 038 (there were some added), then your route will not work with the older Tsection.dat.

    Many folks stuck with Build 038 because of issues with switches & signals in later builds. This was because of some "ClearanceDist" parameters that were altered for EXISTING track sections in Builds 039 thru 042.

    Because of those issues, Build 044 used Build 038 as the basis, and then added ONLY the new sections in the later builds (039 thru 042). All of the altered "ClearanceDist" parameters were reset to their values in Build 038. I went through Build 044 and compared with Build 038 to see all the changes that were made.

    When Build 043 was released, it was found to contain many errors and was withdrawn - it appeared to simply be an editing error (Steven Masters appeared to have grabbed a "test copy" of one of the Tsection.dat files to make the update). As a result, no one should use Build 043 - in fact, if you have a copy of it, I recommend trashing it just so it doesn't get used by mistake.

    It SHOULD be "safe" for folks to use Build 044 (available in the file library here) as it uses the same "original" values as Build 038 and simply contains some new, additional sections (which should cover those available in Build 041).


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