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Thread: Mileposts and road bridges

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    Hello all,

    Does anyone have a tutorial on milepost placement in the Editor? I've checked most of the forums and youtube videos, but no luck. Also, does anyone know where to find a concrete arch bridge, similar to this:westinghouse1748pan.jpg

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    Select the milepost from the drop down list of assets
    Drag it to your route
    Left click on the tracks to set the arrow head in the correct position
    Right click to stop adding more mileposts
    Double click the milepost to open a right hand fly-out in which to set the milepost number.
    You can adjust the position and orientation of the milepost by clicking on in and moving with your mouse, like wise the double headed arrow.

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    Thanks for the reply. Now for a follow up question. How do I get the window at the bottom of the cab view screen to show the mileposts? I can see my train and the grades, but no MP numbers. Do I need to start signalling the route for MP numbers or signal MPs to show?


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