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    I have a bunch of questions, and since the Traniz forums are down temporarily, I thought I would post here first.

    First question: What is the "standard" protocol when facing a red signal? In MSTS and RW, one can "Tab" for permission. I know about hovering the mouse over the signal. I did this in the N&W Appalachian, and over the signal said the track ahead was unsignalled. Taking that to mean I dark territory, I proceeded ahead, only to get a "rule violation" and be told to stop and back up behind the signal, and then the the "message" when hovering was that the track ahead was occupied.

    What's the best way to handle a red signal?
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    Avoid sessions that use the "rule violation" rule. By default the player can run any red signal without penalty, the Brits are fond of using AWS gadgets that automatically trip the brakes, and some people like to add rules which penalize the player for blowing red lights along with rules like coupler breakage checks. That's all fine and dandy for more realisim, provided the route is set up correctly and the session has been thoroughly tested and debugged. If it's not (all too often) certain switch settings will give you false reds, like when a switch is thrown into an occupied spur, or an empty spur that has no end of track signal. Double heads at a facing point switch on a siding will also show red over red and display "track ahead is unsignalled" if there's no single head signal at the far end trailing point and that switch isn't lined for the same track.

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