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    Testing running a Pendolino scenario in my clone of the RSC-NEC, it losing power when running it's F2-Saved scenario, replacing it's lead car with a hacked with US couplers ICE-3 lead car which worked , I again became aware of this awful MOIRE on all the tracks switches and elsewhere in RW-3, as well as blue haze on all distant scenery, which is not the case in RW-2.

    Here are videos of my clone of the WCML, having replaced it's tracks with my 3DT- SR-OTTO concrete ties tracks, adding automatic switches motors and unblocking crossover frogs where possible.

    Alt-Enter to view them Full-Screen.

    Railworks 2:
    Railworks 3:

    No difference running it on my new WIN-7 computer.

    There is no chance of me spending money on TS-2012 routes which display severe MOIRE like that. I can live with the distant blue haze, it's intense blue I have been able to lessen in some routes and the shadows on trackbeds are not always visible.

    I have spent years on trying to modify and improve RS and then RW, having some success, but there is nothing I can do about the above !

    Superelevation and motion inside cabs are of no interest to me, driving trains from outside the cab most of the time, but when inside the cab of a Pendolino am aware of it tilting. Not so much when in the cab of some locos in superelevated curves, their cabs having a limited forward view like the SD40s and have replaced them with ES44AC locos, like in the HSC !

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    What is that stuff to the left of the tracks? Looks like badly poured concrete.

    Perhaps some people who use other games (aka simulations) could comment on moire there,,,

    This is some Trainz Track:

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    I feel it's only fair to show that some people have a different opinion (everyone's entitled after all). I hate the moire too (it's caused by closely overlayed flat face textures used to render the points / switches / turnouts / junctions or whatever you want to call them ... if you go up really close to them you can see) and the trackbed shadows. But, I always have TSX ON, because I love the rest of the shadows and lighting. Without them, everything looks flat and out-dated. I can live with the moire in return for all those detailed shadows and lovely light glows. Each to his own, as they say.

    By the way, I don't notice that blue distant scenery, except when the scenario is depicting a sunny day with blue skies. I was flying to China the other day, and it was a sunny day with blue skies. There was a lot of haze. The mountains in the distance did look bluer the further away they got. It made me think that the way RW shows them isn't so bad. But that's my opinion.

    P.S. With shadows completely off, everything looks like it's floating in the air. Shadows are necessary in order to depict, on a flat screen, something in 3D. It's the only way to trick the brain into thinking that the object and the ground are connected.
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    My favorite routes are those with many large stations and yards full of switches like the WCML, NEC, Cologne - Düsseldorf, etc and seeing this constant flickering and shimmering in switches completely spoils my enjoyment of running a train simulator and do not get that in MSTS running routes like the Wupper Express.

    Railworks-2 did not do that so why has that been messed up ?

    I am now running these routes with TSX off, using the graphics card's AA and AF settings and even the distant scenery looks now more like what it does in reality, like this Philadelphia one below.

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    China is known to have one of the worst polluted skies in the world and is not scenery in which US and European trains run in.

    Below are scenes of what Just Trains and Aerosoft are offering, their European Alpine scenery being abysmal compared to the real one, I am not going to buy looking like that.

    Below are pictures I took when on a Swiss Scenic Railways holiday, riding on the Golden, William Tell, Glacier and Bernina Express trains.

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    Working with TS-2012 on both my computers most of the time there is more of this MOIRE / Flickering showing, not just on switches in tracks but everywhere.

    The first part of this video shows the P&LE running with TSX Off and the Radeon HD-6770 using it's AA and AF, the second part with TSX On and the HD-6770 set to let the TS-2012 use it's AA.

    Alt-Enter for Full screen:

    No difference on the WIN-7 computer with it's nVidia GTX 560Ti, being able to use it's AA and AF even with TSX on, not getting black skies.

    What do you see running your TS-2012 with TSX On ?

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    Trying to avoid MOIRE and flickering in the scenery, blue haze in the distance and shadows on trackbeds by using TSX OFF discovered another downside of doing that, shown below, apart from all terrain textures colors being lighter.

    Also can not make it display the Summer us weather 01 clouds like shown in the HSC Horseshoe Curve in Summer scenario.

    It's like being between the devil and the deep blue sea, as they say !

    I give up trying to make TS-2012 display better looking scenery !

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