O.K., rolled up my sleeves and ported TS-2014 from my Internet WIN-XP computer over to my WIN-7 No Internet sims only one, after having re-organized all Railworks it contained. Took 6 hours in all while I was asleep, first copying to my external 1Tb USB-3 HD and getting up in the middle of my sleep to start copying from it to my WIN-7 computer !

No point messing with setting up a local network, wireless or cable to connect my WIN-XP and WIN-7 computers for a once in a blue moon transfer of whatever from one to the other, the above can take care of !

Have to use my external 1Tb USB-3 HD for backing up the complete Steam TS-2013 and TS-2014 folders, frequently running their back-ups at night when I am asleep, until I get a Fusion-IO 1.6Tb ioFX SSD from my son !

TS-2014 having overwritten some of my modifications to KUJU rolling stock was not accepted by it:

So I restored the KUJU folders from my TS-2013 and most mods were working, like the Cruise Control used by some default locos, cab and headout views and changed settings in some of their Engine, Simulation and LUA files, but still has a problem with running the G-TraX Genesis !

Here is a default ES44AC running in the Connellsville to Baltimore route in the TS-2014 on my WIN-7 computer, using cruise control and time-accelerated speed, showing that nothing seems to have changed with regards to distant scenery within viewing distance still popping into view:

Alt-Enter to view Full-Screen.

Seems that I am still in control of most of what TS-2014 does running in WIN-7 and shall wait for their Superliner route and its Amtrak Superliner train, the latter I hope will then also work in routes using the G-TraX Genesis pulling DTM coaches before deciding on the future of TS-2014 !

Good luck to all of you who are having problems with it and hope that they can be rectified !