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Thread: RMD West Download

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    Quote Originally Posted by lateagain View Post
    However there's one item that bugs me. It's a simple thing but once you notice it, it jars in quite a few American Routes.

    I take it the (practically Day-Glo) Green triangular objects on the Power poles AND on numerous trackside telegraph (?) poles in several US routes are supposed to be insulators? Being Green I'd guess they'd be glass insulators? Am I guessing right so far?

    Now of course someone is going to prove me wrong? LOL! ......but none the less I can't find them in any REAL railroad shots.

    The fix is easy once you find the .ace.
    OK to prove I can laugh at myself......

    BUT how they look all polished up and back lit against a white light is NOT what they look like in use a further search for Images of "US Power line insulators" showed.....

    BTW if you think I'm nuts even bringing the subject up, or if you ever get ridiculed for being a Rail Fan/Train spotter/Foamer etc. Consider this. There are, apparently MANY, folk who go out and photograph power lines!!!! Hey! "horses for courses" but I guess we'll all stick with our trains.... ?

    I'll stick with darkening and desaturating the .ace. Up to you I guess.

    PS just found this....

    PPS ...and this
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    Just downloaded it yesterday and explored a little with EP2-hauled Hiawatha from Deer Lodge to Missoula and a westbound boxcab freight from Avery for a few miles. Great route, just as the RMD East it, even if I'm not that much into non-European routes. Unlike RMD East, however, this division was supplied with activities and consists, so I assumed it will work with all the trainset I got so far (and I gotta say I spent a long week downloading them all!). But it didn't... Worse yet, even if the route comes with various .pat files, there are path files missing for activities. I know I know, the activities might be in beta, but shouldn't these be working in one way or another? Actually I personally prefer activities as a seperate package than being included in the route. Some people suggested to download the template mentioned in reply #23 of this thread but it didn't contain any missing paths and it even does require one commercial add-on in order to work (the NP freight packs).

    Maybe I missed some kind of additional download or patch for these pre-packaged activities in this thread or the download section. And I'd better do something, because a route without activities, no matter how well made, is an useless route to me.

    Ah, OK, I just read Sullivan's post on activities... Well, that's it, until no activities will be available, I'm just gonna explore the route and wait for something.
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    G'day All, I have spent the last two days installing the route, activities and finding stock and all I am missing now are some paths.
    Here is a list if anyone can help.
    Path Name = Lukas Phosphate WB.pat Path is missing from Lukas Phosphate WB.act
    Path Name = MilwAct01_ButteLocal.pat Path is missing from Milw01_ButteLocal.act
    Path Name = New Activity De SmetsWB.pat Path is missing from New Activity De SmetsWB.act
    Path Name = New Activity NP .pat Path is missing from New Activity NP.act
    Path Name = Nimrod MILW.pat Path is missing from Nimrod MILW.act
    Path Name = Phosphate EB.pat Path is missing from Phosphate EB.act
    Path Name = Phosphate WB.pat Path is missing from Phosphate WB.act
    Path Name = Phosphate.pat Path is missing from Phosphate.act

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    [QUOTE=gremlin1812;1912581]G'day All, I have spent the last two days installing the route, activities and finding stock and all I am missing now are some paths.

    Did you read the "readme first" that came with the route?

    Moe Smith

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