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Thread: Static engine headlights - not lit

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    Check to make sure the number of lights defined is correct in the wag file. It will crash if you have say, 10 lights listed but only 8 defined in the Lights section. That will cause AE to crash.


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    I didn't add/subtract lights, I just modified the conditions sections.
    To be more specific, the AE will allow me to swap player and service trainsets, but crashes when trying to open/edit them, or when trying to open "diesel/freight/passenger" to view individual pieces of stock.
    I am checking to see if I fudged any of my edits.

    Thanks Jim!

    Edit: Found the issue - a bad copy in one of my static engines. When copying the conditions into one engine, I clobbered a closing bracket.
    Just edited the file, and we are good
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