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  • eric
    State of the Site: May 2024
    by eric

    Where has the year gone? Here we are almost in the month of June, my granddaughter is out of school again, and my wife's tomato patch looks to be off to a good start. Still waiting for the cicadas to hatch up in our neck of the woods, but I can't say I'm too concerned if they don't manage to show up. They're ugly and the dogs will probably be a bit freaked out...

    This week got off to a very interesting start... a perennial favorite here at Trainsim.Com has an update: the Full Bucket...
    Posted 05-31-2024, 09:29 PM
  • eric
    Memorial Day
    by eric

    It's Memorial Day in the United States.

    As most Americans will be enjoying the day off from work today, I wanted to write and acknowledge that our very ability to enjoy a holiday came at a very high price, which was paid for by those who gave their lives in conflict.

    Previously known as Decoration Day, this is not a day of celebration. It's not intended to be a day for parties, boating or barbecues.

    It is a day of commemoration, specifically set...
    Posted 05-27-2024, 06:58 AM
  • eric
    3dTrains ORTS and v4 F-Units now available
    by eric

    If you're a fan of EMD F-Units, chances are one of the 3DTrains options posted to the Store this week will fit right in with your MSTS/ORTS collection. The ORTS Santa Fe F7 pack is designed for OpenRails, including a true 3D cab. The model detail is outstanding, and looks incredible pulling the El Capitan cars from NAVS in the library. A few folks have already told me the cab works great on other E and F units, so it may be worth the purchase just for that added feature and realism. There are also 13 v4...
    Posted 05-21-2024, 02:23 AM
  • eric
    Run8 Viewliner II Pack
    by eric

    Just in time for the summer travel season, the team at have come out with their Viewliner II pack, as well as v3 Update 15.

    Viewliners were developed in the 1990's to replace the remaining "Heritage" sleeping car fleet that had served Amtrak for over 25 years, and had been with the predecessor roads prior to that. A new modular approach was used for construction of the dorms, sleepers and diners. The shell of the car is physically separate from the interior. Duri...
    Posted 05-17-2024, 10:32 AM
  • eric
    Pacific Surfliner available in the Store
    by eric

    Now available.... the 3DTrains Pacific Surfliner trainset. The Surfliner has a special place in my railfanning history, so I'm really happy to see this available again. We used to camp almost monthly at San Clemente and San Onofre, and would walk past the tracks daily going down to the beach. Pausing to watch the Surfliners roll by was always part of those beach days for me. I've long been a fan of F59PHI's, having ridden behind them countless times in Texas on the Trinity Railway Express, a...
    Posted 05-13-2024, 10:00 PM
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  • Bickford Line
    New decals for Raildriver
    by Bickford Line

    Hi. I picked up a Raildriver a while back. I've played the heck out of it and love it for MSTS. The problem is , the way I touch or hold the handles wears...
    Last Activity: Today, 11:50 AM
  • CSXT Q-317
    Turntable Question
    by CSXT Q-317

    Hello all, a while back someone asked about getting the turntable to operate on the FBL route.

    I did some work, learning again. I got Eric's...
    Last Activity: Today, 11:46 AM
  • asteph627
    Ed's Trains Online
    by asteph627

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone have any contact info for Ed Sketcher of Ed's online Trains. I need some info from him about one of his products...
    Last Activity: Today, 10:51 AM
  • haverfordwest
    SimRail DLC And Update Review 22.04.2024
    by haverfordwest

    Last Activity: Today, 10:03 AM
  • dlfrenchmd
    End of the Line? Great White Void!
    by dlfrenchmd

    Got about 30 miles of main line of the T&P reasonably finished between Midland and Monahans Sand Hills, Texas. Looks great (I think) thanks to all...
    Last Activity: Today, 09:53 AM
  • CSRX
    by CSRX

    Something in the works. Sadly not many good photos of these containers, so probably won't get released. May also attempt to finally do the reefer containers...
    Last Activity: Today, 09:14 AM
  • Fish4890
    project Thread
    by Fish4890

    Need to Finish and or Fix

    Need to Apply Numbers on the Numberboard
    was on back Burner

    Error of Numbering...
    Last Activity: Today, 08:37 AM
  • Whatever2006
    Whatever's Locomotive Reskins
    by Whatever2006

    As the name of the thread says, this is where I post my renumbering reskins of certain locomotives with specific numbers.

    Last Activity: Today, 08:05 AM
  • ZachBell4400
    Any Route, Any Era, Any Time! - 2024 Edition
    by ZachBell4400

    Crossing State Highway 70 and paralleling 107 near Braham, MN. ...
    Last Activity: Today, 06:38 AM
  • qballbandit
    Newer Blue Painted Prime Containers for COFC
    by qballbandit

    Hi, looking to put a shout out request for the modern blue painted Prime containers for COFC trains. Very big presence in Intermodal, and would be a very...
    Last Activity: Today, 04:58 AM

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