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  • Scale Factor Values for Shape File Manager

    Mornin' Fellers,

    I'm still working on the Pokey2 project, and I want to resize a few vegetation shapes. I have done this to a few files in...
    Last Activity: Today, 09:29 AM
  • Height adjustment by RouteMerge TSRE_v8.0004

    When I try to connect 2 routes via "RouteMergeString", I realize that the height adjustment of the route to be included does not work!
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 12:06 PM
  • PC upgrades...

    so Doing some needed upgrades on my First PC from v1 from an

    i5-11600K 3.9GHz to 4.9GHz boost
    32GB DDR4-3200MT
    2TB NVMe storage...
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 10:56 AM
  • signed up

    I signed up for The-Train and want to delete my account on that website
    I'm here cause that website is in german, even with google translate it...
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 11:35 AM
  • Dovetails new Tram sim

    Dovetail have published a new sim (developed by another mob).
    On Steam.....
    Last Activity: Today, 09:36 AM
  • sp4

    Last Activity: 06-21-2024, 02:26 PM
  • sp3

    sp3 pack...
    Last Activity: 06-21-2024, 02:25 PM
  • sp2

    sp2 Pack...
    Last Activity: 06-21-2024, 02:24 PM
  • sp1

    sp1 pack...
    Last Activity: 06-21-2024, 02:23 PM
  • Indiana Rail Road - In the summertime ...

    Bloomington, Indiana - Westbound Indiana Rail Road freight on the "Hi-Dry" Line from Indianapolis to Switz City.

    The kids (and...
    Last Activity: 06-21-2024, 08:13 AM