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  • How To...Turn Routes On And Off

    How To...Turn Routes On And Off

    How To...Turn Routes On And Off By Bob Wilkes (15 November 2004) For some time now, there have been a couple methods in use to "hide" routes from Train Sim. As Cyndi points out, startup time can be minimized by turning off the routes you don't use, as MSTS 'pre-processes' all the 'normal' routes it finds. If you have a lot of routes loaded but only use a few, or some that you rarely use but have to keep loaded because they provide files for other routes, or want to minimize load t...
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  • How To...Install MSTS Add-ons

    How To...Install MSTS Add-ons

    INSTALLATION GUIDE FOR MSTS ADD-ONS Created by  OTTO WIPFEL  and best viewed at 1024 x 768 Desktop Resolution   First of all you are going to need the Software for adding Routes or Rolling stock to your Microsoft Train Simulator. It can be obtained as PAYWARE or FREEWARE on CDs, or downloaded from Web sites like this one, being rated as one of the most popular Train Sim Web sites !   Free Registrat...
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  • How To...Use The Route Editor--A Pictorial Tutorial

    How To...Use The Route Editor--A Pictorial Tutorial

    How To...Use The Route Editor By Michael Sinclair (15 July 2004) Introduction To The How To Pictorial Of The Route Editor A 134 picture-only (jpeg) tutorial of the Route Editor. Just run through the pages in sequential order to quickly understand how to navigate the route, add and delete objects, move, turn, tilt, higher, and lower objects. Add and delete sounds, add and delete trees, add and delete forests. Also learn how to create the size, and the density of a forest. Please...
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  • How To...Alias Cabviews

    How To...Alias Cabviews

    TrainSim.Com How To: Alias Cabviews   How To Alias Cabviews By Cyndi Richards   OVERVIEW: This guide will take you step by step through the process of aliasing your cabviews. There are two methods to alias your cabviews. The first is to alias one locomotive to the cabview of another. The second is to alias locomotives to a “Common Cab” folder. Using a Common Cab folder has many advantages in that you can save a lot of memory. Another i...
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  • How To...Set A Bounding Box

    How To...Set A Bounding Box

    TrainSim.Com How To: Set A Bounding Box How To Set A Bounding Box by Cyndi Richards I know, first question, what is a bounding box? A bounding box is used to determine what part of the wagon or locomotive is solid. One bounding box cannot pass through another bounding box. It will result in a collision and end of the activity. In MSTS if the bounding box of one car is close to the bounding box of another car a collision will result when these cars are taken through sharp curves or switches. Wha...
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  • How To...Use Batch Files To Turn Routes On And Off

    How To...Use Batch Files To Turn Routes On And Off

    TrainSim.Com How To: Use Batch Files Turning Routes On & Off Using Batch Files By Cyndi Richards   I would like to thank my good friend Otto Wipfel (OTTODAD) for the idea of using batch files. I have only expanded on his original idea by creating a comprehensive step by step guide. In my guides I like to stay with the KISS principle: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! Thus, these batch files are the bare minimums to get you started. This step by ste...
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  • How To...Create Your Own Activities--A Pictorial Tutorial

    How To...Create Your Own Activities--A Pictorial Tutorial

    How To...Create Your Own Activities By Michael Sinclair (26 May 2004) Introduction To The Picture-Only How To Create Activities With Traffic Trains In The Activity Editor. A 140 picture-only (jpeg) tutorial of the Activity Editor. Just run through the numbered jpgs in sequential order to quickly understand how to create an activity with traffic trains. ...
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  • How To...Get Started Creating Activities

    How To...Get Started Creating Activities

    Activities Made Easy For Newbies By Otto Wipfel This will help newbies create a new activity easily and quickly, useful for testing and messing.   RUN the MSTS EDITOR / ACTIVITIES Editor.   Select FILE - NEW, or OPEN for amending an existing one.     New - Select a ROUTE. In this case Route 1. "1" to keep it at the top of the Routes Folder.     New Activities - I used 1 again to keep it at the top of other listed Activities for that Route.  Display Name an...
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  • How To...Create AI Traffic

    How To...Create AI Traffic

    TrainSim.Com How To: Creating AI Traffic AI Traffic Made Easy For Newbies By Otto Wipfel    Frank Carver (EMU FARMER) and Alan Street (GRANDPAOZ) asked me to add this to my other  "Activities Made Easy" tutorial so it's not much work repeating it again for other AI Newbies.     So here goes:       My Test Route's "1 Activity" Player Service has been created. Note that the "End Point" is not far from the "Start Point", g...
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