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Run8 - A New CSX Route and an Update


  • Run8 - A New CSX Route and an Update

    It's been a busier than normal week for the folks over at Run 8 Studios.

    Hyrail Solutions released their CSX Baldwin, centered around Baldwin, Florida near Jacksonville.

    Run8 issued their latest game update as well - Dale wrote about it in the Run8 forum here back on Monday, so check out the details at the following link:

    Update 11 is coming out November 1 2023. Update will show date of 10.27.23 . This update has fixes for issues from users using the reporting site to the programmer. Listed below the fixes from the change log Run8 V3 Change Log Update11 (

    The Baldwin route features portions of the Tallahassee, Callahan, Wildwood, and Jacksonville Subdivisions, which all meet at Baldwin. While actual distances weren't provided, this looks to have about 80 miles of running in a fairly busy traffic point for the CSX network.
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