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  • TrainSim.Com Celebrates 22 Years Online

    TrainSim.Com Celebrates 22 Years Online

    Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the opening of TrainSim.Com, and with the site undergoing some changes it seemed worth looking back and commemorating the event. Way back in 2001 I had already been running FlightSim.Com for five years and when Microsoft announced that there would soon be a Microsoft Train Simulator to go along with Microsoft Flight Simulator I just felt like I had to open a new site to support it. Some of the other flightsim sites just opened new sections in their...
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  • Article: State of the Site - March 2023

    Article: State of the Site - March 2023

    You can view the page at
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  • State of the Site - March 2023

    State of the Site - March 2023

    When I woke up to read the forums here on January 16th, the first discussion thread I came across was regarding concern for another site -- UKTrainSim. A day later, a post on that site confirmed what everyone knew was inevitable -- the site would be closing in August 2023. As someone who's been in the Train Simulation community for over 20 years, that really hit home. We've lost other communities like Mophouse and the personal sites run by Otto Wipfel & Paul Fowler, and within the last yea...
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  • We've Moved.....

    We've Moved..... is running on new servers as of Sunday evening.

    This marks the final step in a long process of separating Flightsim and Trainsim's technical infrastructure, management and support resources.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding thru some of the cutover activity the past two weeks.

    While we weren't able to avoid a small outage during the migration, the planning and testing helped to reduce it to under two hours.
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  • Run8 HRS CSX Fitzgerald Sub

    Run8 HRS CSX Fitzgerald Sub

    Requires Run8 v3. CSX Fitzgerald Sub Route Summary Located in the heart of central Georgia, the Fitzgerald Subdivision is one of CSX's most vital arteries in the Southeast, linking Southern Georgia and Florida to the Midwest, including Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, and St. Louis, to name just a few major locations. The Fitzgerald subdivision's northern end starts at the busy crew change point of Manchester, Georgia, which is also where the Lineville Subdiv...
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