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  • Train Simulator: Euro BR 159 Electro-Diesel Released

    Train Simulator: Euro BR 159 Electro-Diesel Released

    Get up to speed dual-mode style with RSSLO’s striking Euro BR 159 Electro-Diesel! As electrification became more and more popular with European and global rails, so too did electric traction. Unrivalled power and efficiency put electric locos far ahead of diesel counterparts. However, the solution was not as simple for companies to just replace their whole fleets. Many lines are too rural to warrant the wires, others get tangled in freight logistics; suffice to say, d...
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  • Tehachapi Pass Scenario Pack 02 Released

    Tehachapi Pass Scenario Pack 02 Released

    Tehachapi Pass Scenario Pack 02, from accomplished developer High Iron Simulations, brings dynamic and contemporary Union Pacific and BNSF railroading to the popular Train Simulator Classic Tehachapi Pass route with ten new and highly authentic career scenarios. Spun over and through the daunting Tehachapi Mountains of California, the Tehachapi Pass route was constructed by the Southern Pacific, opened in 1876, and connects the arid Mojave Desert with California’s fertile Sa...
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  • OpenBVE Now Available

    OpenBVE Now Available

    Latest Stable Release: Stable (2022-11-23) Significant Changes: New: Add support for ZKNS-002 controller New: Allow on-screen marker size to be customised via XML New: Add sanders as an alternative to the re-adhesion device New: Add WheelSlip and WheelSlipIndex animated variables Change: Assorted improvements to CarXMLConvertor Change: Improve handling of various AI components for UK* plugins Fix: The AI driver failed to react to wheelslip if the driver car was not a mo...
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  • Train Simulator: Taurus Mountains Route Released

    Train Simulator: Taurus Mountains Route Released

    Pro Range The Pro Range is aimed toward the serious train simulation enthusiast looking for a complex machine to master. Each product is designed to provide education and entertainment for users. Xbox controller and HUD interface support do not come as standard and users will need to read the accompanying documentation to fully understand the operation of this advanced simulation. About This Content Explore the thrills of a new territory as Turkey makes its debut in Train Simu...
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  • Massive Trainz Plus Anouncement

    Massive Trainz Plus Anouncement

    As another year of Trainz draws to a close, it's time to announce our enormous line-up of updates and features coming to Trainz Plus Members in 2023. Trainz Plus Membership Changes First up, we’ve simplified our membership options making it easier than ever to enjoy everything Trainz has to offer. We now offer a choice of two plans - Trainz Plus Standard and Trainz Plus Gold. Trainz Plus is now rebranded as Trainz Plus Standard. You still get all the latest fe...
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