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  • Planned Site Upgrade

    Planned Site Upgrade

    I promise... a month from now I'll stop talking about how old the software we use here is. If you're new or haven't heard, it's really, really old. Not MSTS old, but old enough that VBulletin (the company who wrote it) refuses to support it any longer. Fortunately, they have a newer version that offers most of the same core features for managing access to the site including user accounts, password changes and memberships. There should be little to no change in how everyone accesses and uses the s...
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  • Scenery Update for Diesel Railcar Simulator

    Scenery Update for Diesel Railcar Simulator

    Lapioware announces a scenery update for Diesel Railcar Simulator

    Diesel Railcar Simulator has upgraded its scenery graphics and overall lighting. The old simplistic and repetitive scenery has been replaced with a more diverse, lush and realistic environment with rich customization possibilities for route modders. The new scenery sys...
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  • New Site, New Look and Feel

    New Site, New Look and Feel

    A few months back, some new themes were added here at and were pretty well received. As the new site software upgrade gets closer, it was time to start to work on the interface themes. Ignore the quality of the logo and the masthead -- they're just placeholders for now. If anyone is interested in submitting a new logo, feel free to drop me a PM or post in the comments. Now on to the colors... They represent railroads past and present. Mostly past. This one is specificall...
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  • State of the Site - May 2023

    State of the Site - May 2023

    Believe it or not, but we're right about at the edge of summer. I brought out the lawn mower and yard furniture out last week and finally put the snow blower into storage. My son who attends the University of North Texas came home last night via The Friendly Skies after finishing his finals this week, and the end of the year is also quickly approaching for my now-famous granddaughter at her elementary school, although some unexpected snow days extended that by a week. Time indeed flies. ...
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  • TSW3 Peak Forest Now Available

    TSW3 Peak Forest Now Available

    Train Sim World 3: Peak Forest Railway: Ambergate – Chinley & Buxton will reconnect the now segmented railway line, allowing players to once again drive trains through Matlock and onto Hassop, Buxton and Chapel-en-le-Frith. Today the real-life railway is split into various uses – from an extant passenger branch line (to Matlock) to a heritage...
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