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  • 15th Anniversary

    15th Anniversary

    This month marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Microsoft Train Simulator, the software that got this community started. MSTS has kept this web site busy for all these years with nearly 30,000 files in our library and active discussions in our forums. It's also the 15th anniversary of TrainSim.Com. At this point in our history we need to consider where to go in the future. MSTS is getting pretty old, the hobby is moving in various directions, some less clear than others. ...
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  • Login / Logout

    Login / Logout

    Login - logout....these basic functions of this and many other web sites seem to cause more confusion than any others. But it's often not as hard as people make it. First, you need to understand what "login" really means. To login you must have set up an account here so we know who you are and to establish a user name and password. When you visit you login by entering the user name and password you chose and hit a button. That's really all there is to it, should be pretty simple for most peopl...
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  • The Death Of Payware?

    The Death Of Payware?

    The Death of Payware? By Robert Murphy (19 May 2007) When Microsoft Train Simulator was first released, a number of talented individuals struck out to create new content for MSTS with very little understanding of how it worked and its limitations. The first contributions to the file library were engine files to make some of the AI trains drivable and a few repaints. At the time, the only viable software to create new content for the sim was 3D Studio Max, a $3000 program. Abacus' ...
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  • My Experience with the Train-Sim Community

    My Experience with the Train-Sim Community

    My Experience with the Train-Sim Community By Jake Kulik This might be the kiss of death for me, but I have strong feelings about this site and the members here, and I would like to express them. First, a little background information. My name is Jake Kulik and, like many others, I was a member of FlightSim.Com before Nels instituted this site. I can recall awaiting each new announcement from over a year ago when Robert Scoble started the Microsoft Train Simulator Fan Site, and when ...
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  • The Train-Sim Community

    The Train-Sim Community

    The Train-Sim Community By Robert Murphy As I was reading the forums today, sifting through the incredible amounts of useful information, I ran across a series of posts which I feel threaten the very concept of 'Community'. A certain individual was offering constructive criticism of a model regarding some small corrections which would increase the quality and make it easier to re-skin. The painter included screen shots and offered specific suggestion on how he felt the model could be...
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  • Train-Sim vs Model Railroading

    Train-Sim vs Model Railroading

    Train-Sim vs Model Railroading By Robert Murphy Top ten reasons Microsoft Train Simulator is better than model railroading: 10. When the train derails, you can reset Train-Sim without the sickening thud of a $700 dollar brass locomotive hitting the concrete floor. 9. Marias Pass will fit in your computer, it definitely won't fit in your basement. 8. If your run is 34 miles, it takes an hour in a straight line, not 68 laps around the layout. 7. Train-simmers give away thei...
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  • A First Look At MSTS

    A First Look At MSTS

    A First Look At MSTS By Jay Schroeder It's been just about a week since I bought my copy of Microsoft Train Simulator from a local Electronics Boutique. I stand pretty much satisfied with the product. This product offers great scenery and the availability to add on many future third party downloads. For four days I've been hauling passangers, freight and just exploring the territory. However, down the road I believe this game will become a horrendously boring game with the limited amount o...
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  • XML Train Symbol Routings Making Otto better? SoCal

    Anyone out there played with getting Otto to take trains to new places? Like LATC, CofI, etc.
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  • 3D Train Stuff

    There is still a site up for this company but I wonder if they exist because a friend in Tennessee ordered their Donner route 3 days ago and his credit...
    Last Activity: Today, 11:55 AM
  • Where can I get the Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    So basically, I am trying to find this Southern Pacific model to add to my collection. It is a 4-10-2 type engine. The running number is 5021. Basically,...
    Last Activity: Today, 07:44 AM
  • Knoxville Division (L&N) Progress

    My L&N, KD Diviison (now a CSX Subdivision) is back into the working line and I am currently fluffing out the Southern branch from Knoxville to Middlesboro,...
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 06:05 PM
  • New Functionality.... Selective Quoting

    This is something I've wanted for a while, and finally found time to integrate.

    Sometimes you just want to quote part of someone else's post,...
    Last Activity: Today, 02:14 PM
  • Switching over to Blender from TSM

    Well guys the time has finally come that I switch over to the dark side! I have been dreading switching over to another modeling program for some time...
    Last Activity: Today, 04:24 PM
  • Reskinning TrainSimulations SD45

    I've done a couple of reskins using TrainSimulations SD45 from the CSX Rock Runner set. This model was originally reskinned by Michele, to represent PC...
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 03:23 PM
  • Invisable Coal Load

    I designed a Bethgon. In game when placing the car under a coal loader, coal does dispense into the car, but in the gon it's invisible. obviously I didn't...
    Last Activity: 12-04-2023, 03:01 PM
  • Can MSTS and OR content work together?

    As you can see, I have lots of locomotives in MSTS and have got them to run in OR. However, I am wondering if I can run both MSTS and OR locomotives together....
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 01:51 PM
  • PC switcher in one off scheme

    Found this recently, and thought it was cool enough to share. Although I can't much else about this unit....
    Last Activity: 12-04-2023, 10:44 AM