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  • Review: World Of Subways Vol. 4

    Review: World Of Subways Vol. 4

    Subway Simulator Line 7 Publisher: Aerosoft Review Author:Justin Cogo Suggested Price:$37.99 World of Subways Volume 4: New York Line 7 Introduction Welcome to the primary metropolitan transportation choice for New Yorker's besides walking, the subway! I am Justin Cogo and I am pleased to be reviewing World of Subways Volume 4 - Line 7! My experience with simulators is mainly flight simulators with a good amount of train simulator experience as well. ...
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  • World Of Subways Volume 1 The PATH

    World Of Subways Volume 1 The PATH

    Review: World of Subways, Volume 1, "The PATH" By D.C. Shoemaker6 August 2010 This is part overview and part help for getting started with this unique game. Winner of the "2009 Serious Game Award," Aerosoft of Germany has now produced two subway simulations, the PATH and the Berlin U-7, and they are spectacular. Be aware that some quick-overview reviews imply or say outright that WoS is an add-on for Microsoft Train Simulator; this is not so, the simulator is completely stand-alone. I'm r...
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  • The Colton and Northern - It's Not Just a Route!

    The Colton and Northern - It's Not Just a Route!

    Review: The Colton and Northern - It's Not Just a Route! By Thomas Pallen4 May 2009 MSTS devotees know Richard Garber's name thanks to Canton, Cumberland, Ohio Rail, and East Metro: routes that provided entertainment as well as many hours of great railroad simulation. Fans who also enjoyed Rail Simulator waited and wondered whether Garber would ever convert his MSTS work to the new program on the block. Rather than repeat himself, however, Garber began creating brand new routes and ...
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  • Paddington To Oxford Pack - Freight

    Paddington To Oxford Pack - Freight

    Review: Paddington To Oxford Scenario Pack (Freight) By Thomas Pallen19 November 2008 Armstrong Powerhouse recently released its first package of freight scenarios. Like their two previous packs (Variety and Intercity/NSE Era), these scenarios run on Rail Simulator's Paddington to Oxford route. However, this one requires the Newcastle to York route, as well as RSDL's UK Wagons Pack 01 and Class 66 add-on, plus the MK2 Upgrade Patch. The package includes 6 freight scenarios fo...
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  • East Coast Express Part 1 London to Peterborough

    East Coast Express Part 1 London to Peterborough

    East Coast Magic By Jane-Rachel Whittaker (2 March 2006) It was with distinct mixed feelings that I installed "East Coast Express Part 1 London to Peterborough". This product, published by First Class Simulations and developed by EuropeanBahn has been eagerly awaited by many MSTS fans. The East Coast Main Line of the UK is close to the hearts of most rail enthusiasts in Britain, being steeped in history. For myself the association with the East Coast Main Line is doubly poignant havin...
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  • Berlin Subway

    Berlin Subway

    Berlin Subway By Jane-Rachel Whittaker (20 January 2006) The city of Berlin fell victim to a clash of cultures in 1945 when capitalism met communism. As the war in Europe came to a close the suspicion and mutual distrust between the ideologies of East and West saw the drawing of an iron curtain across Europe. To the residents of Berlin the iron curtain was more than a political dividing line on a map but a wall erected from concrete that split the city in two. Families were separ...
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  • The Cambrian Route - A Seaside Journey

    The Cambrian Route - A Seaside Journey

    The Cambrian Route - A Seaside Journey By Fafner (18 June 2003) "The Cambrian Route" Add-On for Microsoft Train Simulator Developer: 3D Train Stuff, Inc. Version Tested: 1.2 - .TRK May 15, 2003 Price: $29.95 US   Don't I Know You From Somewhere? No, you don't. We aren't awash with MSTS routes for Wales, let alone the Cardigan Bay region. There have been an attempt or two at creating the narrow gauge line Ffestiniog, which appears on the system map as a conne...
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  • Burlington Northern Over Marias Pass

    Burlington Northern Over Marias Pass

    Burlington Northern Over Marias Pass By Curt May (12 June 2003) First off I would like to apologize to Nels and 3D Train Stuff for taking so long, but I had family matters to attend to. I would like to take a minute to say hello to all of you and to let you know a little about me. Nels and I go back a few days on the FlightSim.Com side. I did reviews and aircraft design over there since about the day the site opened. Sometimes when I call him I make the comment about how quiet ...
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  • The 3D Sounds Package

    The 3D Sounds Package

    The 3D Sounds Package By Nels Anderson (30 April 2003) One aspect of simulation that can get easily overlooked is sound. Humans tend to be more visually oriented and thus more easily impressed by the visual elements...whether the sky looks right, the color of a freight car's livery, the correct number of rivets. But sound does add to the experience, perhaps more than we sometimes realise. Kuju/Microsoft didn't do a bad job with the default sounds, but like most default features there is room...
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  • Michigan Iron Ore: The Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad

    Michigan Iron Ore: The Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad

    Michigan Iron Ore By Nels Anderson (14 February 2003) One drawback to most train-sim routes is the lack of completeness...there's always an artificial end of track even though you know in the real world the track continues on. There's not much that can be done about this while modeling typical Class 1 railroads...they are just too big for current sim technology. However, there are industrial railroads that can be recreated in their entirety. Maple Leaf Tracks' Michigan Iro...
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    There is still a site up for this company but I wonder if they exist because a friend in Tennessee ordered their Donner route 3 days ago and his credit...
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    My L&N, KD Diviison (now a CSX Subdivision) is back into the working line and I am currently fluffing out the Southern branch from Knoxville to Middlesboro,...
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    Sometimes you just want to quote part of someone else's post,...
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    Well guys the time has finally come that I switch over to the dark side! I have been dreading switching over to another modeling program for some time...
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    I've done a couple of reskins using TrainSimulations SD45 from the CSX Rock Runner set. This model was originally reskinned by Michele, to represent PC...
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  • Invisable Coal Load

    I designed a Bethgon. In game when placing the car under a coal loader, coal does dispense into the car, but in the gon it's invisible. obviously I didn't...
    Last Activity: 12-04-2023, 03:01 PM
  • Can MSTS and OR content work together?

    As you can see, I have lots of locomotives in MSTS and have got them to run in OR. However, I am wondering if I can run both MSTS and OR locomotives together....
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    Found this recently, and thought it was cool enough to share. Although I can't much else about this unit....
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