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  • RailDriver


    Review: RailDriver By Nels Anderson (21 January 2003) An overall look at the RailDriver control sitting in place of the keyboard. Behind the glare you can see the RailDriver manager on the video screen. Click on this or any other picture in this article for a larger image. Conclusion Usually when writing a review I hold off the conclusion until the end of the article. But here I'll make an exception. You want one of these. You know you do. Anyone who is serious about driving trains needs a re...
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  • RailDriver Preview

    RailDriver Preview

    RailDriver Preview By Rich Garber (18 December 2002) To my surprise, an email showed up at my door asking me if I wanted to participate as an early beta tester for the RailDriver unit. Right smack in the middle of creating and testing activities for the WV&O RR, I said, 'you bet!' Activity testing is one of those times when I'm the crankiest because I'm not the happiest of campers when it comes to running MSTS because I use the keyboard/mouse combination. Two days later a large box showed up via UP...
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  • Sandpatch


    Sandpatch By Nels Anderson (11 December 2002) I probably mentioned in my last review that running North American style freight trains is my favorite thing to do in train-simming. There have been some nice freight routes produced, but not much for my part of the country -- the U.S. northeast. We may not have the Rocky Mountains, but we do have some interesting and challenging terrain (hey, the "Berkshire" type steam locomotive is named after mountains here in ...
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  • The Cajon Pass Route

    The Cajon Pass Route

    The Cajon Pass Route By Nels Anderson (8 October 2002) Everyone has their "thing" when it comes to areas of railroading, and my thing is freight. So when 3DTrainStuff offered me a copy of their new add-on The Cajon Pass Route I could hardly pass up the chance.     The Cajon Pass is located not far from Los Angeles, California, but far enough to be a whole different world terrain-wise, with high mountains and parched deserts...and lots of rail traveling through. Both the BNSF an...
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  • German Railroads Volume One: The Seventies - Along The Bigge Lake

    German Railroads Volume One: The Seventies - Along The Bigge Lake

    German Railroads - The Bigge Lake By Robert R. Murphy (1 October 2002) When I received the assignment from Nels to review this product, I optimistically told him it would only take me a week and a half. He told me to take my time and play with it a while, and I'm glad he did. To put it bluntly, for me, this add-on breathed new life into Train Simulator. I must admit that the default routes had provided me with a lot of virtual railroading enjoyment. But the well-known Marias Pass b...
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  • American Classics Train Sim Pack

    American Classics Train Sim Pack

    American Classics By Robert Murphy (9 July 2002) In May, Just Trains released American Classics, an MSTS add-on developed by the members of Train Artisan. Since MSTS has been around for a year now, and many have joined the world of train-simming only recently, a bit of review is in order. When Microsoft Train Simulator became available, TrainSim.Com was created in the image of FlightSim.Com and immediately became the premier download and forum site on the Web. One of the first subjects in...
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  • Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy

    Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy

    NALW's Big Boy By Nels Anderson (4 July 2002) Introduction Since Microsoft Train Simulator first came out just over a year ago, probably the most asked for add-on has been a Big Boy locomotive. Now, thanks to the team at NALW, the wait is over and the Big Boy is ready to roll in MSTS. By at least some measurements, the Union Pacific 4000-series, 4-8-8-4 articulated steam locomotives built by ALCO and known as "Big Boy" are the largest steam locomotives ever built. Every asp...
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  • UK Record Holders Of Steam

    UK Record Holders Of Steam

    UK Record Holders Of Steam By Nels Anderson (4 June 2002) Class: Princess Coronation Railroad: LMS Name: Duchess of Hamilton Number: 6229 Class: Princess Coronation Railroad: LMS Name: Coronation Number: 6220 Class: A4 Express Railroad: LNER Name: Mallard Number: 4468 Class: A4 Express Railroad: LNER Name: Silver Link Number: 2509 Class: King Railroad: GWR Name: King Edward I Number: 6024 The UK Branch team at 3D Train Stuff is ...
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  • Euro Loco

    Euro Loco

    Euro Loco By Henri Patey (28 May 2002) Euro Loco Includes: (Great Britain) BR HST 125 (Europe) Eurostar (Germany) DB High speed ICE2 (Germany) DB V100.213 Shunter (France) SNCF High speed TGV Duplex (France) SNCF BB15000 (Netherlands) IRM Regiorunner (Netherlands) NS2200 (Italy) High Speed ETR500 Authentic mix of freight cars The Euro Loco Pack by ChristTrains is a great addition to your MSTS collection! The great variety of locomotives plus passenger and f...
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  • TGV Train Sim Pack

    TGV Train Sim Pack

    TGV By Robert Jubb (17 May 2002) The first high-speed rail travel begin in Japan with the original Bullet train. From there, train travel between major cities could begin to compete with short haul air travel. SNCF (Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer francais) was the first European rail network to bring high speed rail travel to the masses of France. It began in the early 1980's with the TGV Sud-Est, the first high speed railway line in France, running from the Gare de Ly...
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  • Shots from the FBL 4.02 Frampton Shops Activity Generator mini-template

    Hi to all,

    For those who have the Activity Generator (AG) Software, I have created a mini template for switching locos at the FBL 4.02 Frampton...
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  • UP-MWCRV on Cajon Pass

    UP 5603, UP 5435 ( UP 6393 in SP ) ...
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  • Get out the drooling towel!

    I have received routes from acquaintances in Brazil which are excellent as you can see from the images. Unfortunately they appear to have used a lot of...
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  • Missing Centerbeam in the new Feather River Route activity

    Hello guys, I am missing a NS Centerbeam car from the new qpfp_job activity for the Feather River Route. Please let me know where to find the NS Centerbeam...
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    Dear railway friends!

    Are there any instructions for building activities in the OR? I'm asking because I've heard that there are some differences...
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  • Downpoad Speed

    I'm a First Class Member and when I download anything lately my speed varies.between 40&120kB/s
    Up until Sept. last year (when I paid...
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  • Run8 Studios MP15 Pack #3 Available

    Run8 Studios​ has just released their newest equipment pack -- four more MP15's in new liveries:
    • BN patched to BNSF
    • SP patched to UP
    • GMTX
    • CSX
    These grizzled veterans help round out the previous liveries in Packs 1 and 2 (BN, BNSF Heritage I, BNSF Swoosh, NS, SP, Amtrak, Union Pacific, CSX YN3 and Run8 RR).

    Each locomotive has a 3D cab, animated windows, doors, windshield wipers, and many other cool features that only Run8 offers.

    If you like switching, check...
    Posted 06-18-2024, 05:14 PM
  • Full Bucket Route

    I got the turntable to work; this is awesome. ...
    Last Activity: Yesterday, 12:10 PM
  • MP15 pack 3 and Update 16

    Run8 Studios has released Update 16 and MP15 pack 3. Some cool paint on these work horses
    Last Activity: Today, 09:54 AM
  • The Indiana Hi-Rail

    "I've been working on the railroad"
    "All the live long-, since about January of this year after a couple failed attempts from last...
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