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  • About Us was launched on March 28, 2002 by Nels Andersen as an offshoot of his popular website. Over the past two decades, it has grown into one of the key user created content repositories for both the OpenRails/Microsoft Train Simulator community as well as the Dovetail Games "Train Simulator" series.  TrainSim was acquired by in March 2023.

    The site continues to operate as a member supported user community, with the following goals:

    • Providing a place where the community can exchange tips, tricks and advice for any train simulation game past or present
    • A permanent free repository for user created content that dates back to the origins of Windows based train simulation games
    • A neutral site for discussion of commercially available products including Run 8, Dovetail Games, and Trainz

    The site operates on a voluntary donation basis, with enhanced site privileges afforded to those who support the site via paid membership options.

    We have a zero tolerance for copyright infringement. Items found in our file library which are protected assets will be removed as quickly as possible once we are notified.


    Commercial Partners

    Commercial Partners, also known as payware providers, are an essential part of the community, and welcome to fully participate in all aspects of the site including our forums and file library.

    An open invitation exists for dedicated support forums to be hosted within our forum structure, provided they are open to all and comment moderation is done in a manner where civil dissent is possible.

    Articles, blogs, and product announcements are also routinely shared and posted by our commercial partners. Product announcements and other prepared copy can be sent to, and high quality images can be uploaded using the image uploader available in the file library. Please allow a few days for these to be posted. We honor embargoes when copy and images are provided prior to public release.

    Commercial providers are also welcome to supply content via our file library, including remote links that redirect to purchase pages on the provider's storefront or main site.

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