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  • Manual Payments

    Manual Payments

    Some products may not support every form of payment for instant purchase and will require manual handling.

    Please use the following link(s) to submit payments manually, and be sure to include your Username where requested within the form:

    PayPal (if using PayPal balance)
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  • Targeted Donations

    Some people may want to help out beyond what a membership supports... Here are a couple opportunities:

    Make a Targeted Donation
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  • Thanks for your Gift!

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    I thought I'd post this before setting the DAR_56 project aside.

    I've been having severe problems with the route recently that have lead...
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    I have upgraded the Open Rails STARTER Tutorial, making these activities compatible with the 2024 version of the BNSF Scenic route.

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    CP 222-07 East CP 6049....
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    Back in the old days of MSTS, there used to be a utility (For the life of me I can't remember the name of it) that allowed me to change what the weather...
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    Ihave a problem with a file in 3DTS Cajon Pass. When I run the activity WC_SBDAYard.Act, the sim stops a request me for the file Local_One_TrafficConsist1.con....
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    Hi all, if i re-install R8, do i have to install all the updates in order (last one i have is update 8). Or do i just install the latest and that contains...
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  • TSRE Pickups

    In the last few days I've started to have severe problems with the DAR-56 I've been working on for the last eight months. The latest problem to surface...
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