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Random Style of the Day: Royal Gorge Gold

Royal Gorge Gold is based on the colors used by the Denver, Rio Grande and Western Railway from 1946 to 1988. The railroad used a combination of ochre yellow, black, and silver which continued until the railroad merged with the Southern Pacific in 1988.


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  • New Ad-Free Pass

    New Ad-Free Pass

    If you currently use an ad blocker and are not a paying member on the site, you may have started to see a additional message asking you to disable your ad blocker or pay for a subscription.

    I've made no secret that this site costs money to operate, and while many of our visitors have been willing to help support it through First Class Memberships or a FastPass, many more do not.

    Some of you may not see a direct value in paying for a full year membership or a one-month...
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  • Rememberance Day / Veterans Day

    Rememberance Day / Veterans Day

    On this Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, in the United States we honor our Veterans. Worldwide, many nations celebrate Remembrance Sunday, which this year falls on Sunday, November 12th.

    From the trenches to the oceans, islands, and deserts, Veterans answered the call when your country asked.

    You fought to protect our values, and paid a heavy price in doing so. Many continue to pay the price.

    Today, we remember those who fell in service and honor those...
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  • SP Shasta Video Review

    SP Shasta Video Review

    At The Railyard reviews the TrainSimulations SP Shasta Route.
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  • Run8 - A New CSX Route and an Update

    It's been a busier than normal week for the folks over at Run 8 Studios.

    Hyrail Solutions released their CSX Baldwin, centered around Baldwin, Florida near Jacksonville.

    Run8 issued their latest game update as well - Dale wrote about it in the Run8 forum here back on Monday, so check out the details at the following link:

    The Baldwin route features portions...
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  • Ghosts and Zombies...

    Ghosts and Zombies...

    No, that isn't an error on our site.

    Have you ever seen a store that runs “Going Out Of Business” and “Everything Must Go” type sales, but never actually closes?

    I’m starting to think that way about our friends at

    While I gave open praise for the eight months advance notice of the site’s closing, I do have to say the ending is turning out to be nowhere near as organized.

    For whatever reason, they’re approaching...
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  • The Greatest Show On Earth

    The Greatest Show On Earth

    Last weekend, my wife told me we were taking a Sunday drive up to Wisconsin. Normally, I need no convincing to take a road trip and "head north", especially if it's Green Bay. But no, we weren't going to the Frozen Tundra or the Packers Pro Shop. We were going to Milwaukee to see the circus at the Fiserv Arena, home to the Milwaukee Bucks. I've always had a thing for the circus. My grandfather was a Shriner, and when we were kids, it was a bit of a family tradition to see the Shrine Circus ...
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  • State of the Site -- October 2023

    State of the Site -- October 2023

    Our week started with some sad news -- longtime community member Yuri Sos passed away after a courageous battle with bone marrow cancer, which had been diagnosed in 2019.

    Yuri was a huge influence in the early MSTS community, and the tutorials on his website have been used by hundreds of thousands if not millions worldwide.

    In real life, Yuri spent 49 years as a practicing veterinarian, graduating from the University of Melbourne and taking on his father's...
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  • State of the Site - September 2023

    State of the Site - September 2023

    A month ago, we were in the middle of a heat wave. Today, the leaves are already starting to turn, there's a definite chill in the mornings and evenings, and my wife's tomato crop is finally starting to slow down. Oh, and the Green Bay Packers are definitely back in action with a Week One victory at Lambeau Field South (also known as Soldiers Field...). Fall is in the air..... Heading into fall and winter usually means a couple things around here -- more new users, and people spending more "i...
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  • We Remember

    On this day, we remember and honor the thousands who perished in New York City, Washington D.C, and Shanksville, PA
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  • Horseshoe Curve ( NS ) and Run8 Update 10

    Horseshoe Curve ( NS ) and Run8 Update 10

    A new region from the folks at Run8Studios and the first route for it is Norfolk Southern (NS) Horseshoe Curve on the Pittsburgh Sub. Run from east of Altoona up and over the hill down thru Cresson on the West side

    Run8's NS Pittsburgh Sub East:
    Route Features:
    Over 60 Miles of NS Mainline Operations
    A PDF that lists all of the trains over the NS Pittsburgh Sub
    Rose Yard
    Woodvale Yard
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  • 3dTrains ORTS and v4 F-Units now available
    by eric

    If you're a fan of EMD F-Units, chances are one of the 3DTrains options posted to the Store this week will fit right in with your MSTS/ORTS collection. The ORTS Santa Fe F7 pack is designed for OpenRails, including a true 3D cab. The model detail is outstanding, and looks incredible pulling the El Capitan cars from NAVS in the library. A few folks have already told me the cab works great on other E and F units, so it may be worth the purchase just for that added feature and realism. There are also 13 v4...
    Posted 05-21-2024, 02:23 AM
  • Manual Payments
    by eric

    Some products may not support every form of payment for instant purchase and will require manual handling.

    Please use the following link(s) to submit payments manually, and be sure to include your Username where requested within the form:

    PayPal (if using PayPal balance)
    Last Activity: 05-19-2024, 11:32 AM
  • Run8 Viewliner II Pack
    by eric

    Just in time for the summer travel season, the team at have come out with their Viewliner II pack, as well as v3 Update 15.

    Viewliners were developed in the 1990's to replace the remaining "Heritage" sleeping car fleet that had served Amtrak for over 25 years, and had been with the predecessor roads prior to that. A new modular approach was used for construction of the dorms, sleepers and diners. The shell of the car is physically separate from the interior. Duri...
    Posted 05-17-2024, 10:32 AM
  • Pacific Surfliner available in the Store
    by eric

    Now available.... the 3DTrains Pacific Surfliner trainset. The Surfliner has a special place in my railfanning history, so I'm really happy to see this available again. We used to camp almost monthly at San Clemente and San Onofre, and would walk past the tracks daily going down to the beach. Pausing to watch the Surfliners roll by was always part of those beach days for me. I've long been a fan of F59PHI's, having ridden behind them countless times in Texas on the Trinity Railway Express, a...
    Posted 05-13-2024, 10:00 PM
  • Run8 Update 14 and MP15 Pack 2 Available
    by eric

    New Switcher Liveries!

    Run8 Studios announces their latest pack - MP!15's in four new liveries -- BNSF Swoosh, NS, BN, and SP.

    These complement the first five liveries (BNSF Heritage I, Amtrak, Union Pacific, CSX YN3 and Run8 RR)

    Update 14 is also out for V3 which addresses a couple of minor issues in each route, and some updated station models. Dale posted the full change log in the Run8 forum here.

    Update 14 introduces a feature that sounds...
    Posted 04-27-2024, 07:29 AM
  • State of the Site - April 2024
    by eric

    A week ago, I was wondering "what in the heck can I write about this month?"...

    Taxes? Too depressing....

    UFL Football? I'd probably have to explain it to too many of you.

    The upcoming NFL Draft?

    Waiting a few days turned out to be good strategy, because a bunch of stuff hit over the course of a couple days, and it was all worth writing about.

    So without further procrastination, let's get to it....

    Whether it's music, mo...
    Posted 04-24-2024, 12:41 AM