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Random Style of the Day: Southern Belle

The Southern Belle was the Kansas City Southern's flagship passenger train which ran between Kansas City and New Orleans. It was streamlined in 1940, with a striking Brunswick Green, Yellow and Red livery which survived until the train was discontinued in 1969.


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  • TSW3 Peak Forest Now Available

    TSW3 Peak Forest Now Available

    Train Sim World 3: Peak Forest Railway: Ambergate – Chinley & Buxton will reconnect the now segmented railway line, allowing players to once again drive trains through Matlock and onto Hassop, Buxton and Chapel-en-le-Frith. Today the real-life railway is split into various uses – from an extant passenger branch line (to Matlock) to a heritage...
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  • Happy Birthday Dad

    Happy Birthday Dad

    My father celebrated his 90th birthday a couple weeks back. What does that have to do with railroads and simulation?.... Everything, as it turns out. My earliest railroad memories as a kid come from time spent at my grandparent's place in Crivitz, Wisconsin (about an hour north of Green Bay). Around age 3 or 4 getting a ride around the wye on a Milwaukee Road switcher after my dad apparently talked the crew into it. I'm also pretty certain he wanted the ride more than I did. From there, I w...
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  • File Library Download Changes coming in May 2023

    File Library Download Changes coming in May 2023

    If you haven't been paying attention to the forums, there's been a lot of discussion in the last six weeks regarding our server performance, specifically around downloads. This site was built around the idea that the library should be available to all, regardless if they're a paid supporter or not. This commitment will not change. My interest in this hobby was kindled largely by the ability to discover add-ons beyond the initial cost of buying MSTS, specifically the availability of locomotives and c...
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  • OpenRails Chessie System Train Pack Released

    OpenRails Chessie System Train Pack Released

    New Release from - The Chessie System Train Pack This product is a 1980's interpretation of Chessie System Locomotives and Rolling Stock Features: 6 EMD SD40 Locomotives (Chessie System, B&O, C&O, and WM) 4 EMD GP40-2 Locomotives (Chessie System) 3 EMD GP30M Locomotives (Chessie System) 38 Different Rolling Stock Models (including unique Canstock boxcars, and C27-A caboose) Open Rails-Specific Locomotive and Rolling Stock Physics High Quality Audio ...
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  • Run8 New v3 Update 7 Available

    Run8 New v3 Update 7 Available

    Run8 V3 Update 7 is now available at the Run8 website.

    The update includes a free cool Trackmobile complete with cab and sounds!
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  • Article: State of the Site - April 2023

    Article: State of the Site - April 2023

    You can view the page at
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  • State of the Site - April 2023

    State of the Site - April 2023

    Running a 22 year old website is a lot like buying a 70 year old home... There's always something to keep you occupied. Fortunately, a month after the move, almost all the boxes are out of the garage, we've figured out which rooms needed some paint, found places for most of the furniture, and very quickly gave up on the idea of a ceiling fan when we discovered cloth wrapped wiring behind the light switch. But then there's the roof.... In last month's update, I mentioned the site's...
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  • Chasing the Corn

    Chasing the Corn

    Earlier this week, my wife asked if I could pick up my granddaughter from a friend's birthday sleepover she'd been at. She's been on Spring Break this week, and as they only live one town over, she's been spending a lot of time at our place while their parents are at work. On the way back to our house, I saw an approaching train on the tracks that parallel the highway between our two towns. This is a pretty rare thing at 11:00 am, given the commuter trains that run on weekdays. Being the train nerd tha...
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  • TrainSim.Com Celebrates 22 Years Online

    TrainSim.Com Celebrates 22 Years Online

    Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the opening of TrainSim.Com, and with the site undergoing some changes it seemed worth looking back and commemorating the event. Way back in 2001 I had already been running FlightSim.Com for five years and when Microsoft announced that there would soon be a Microsoft Train Simulator to go along with Microsoft Flight Simulator I just felt like I had to open a new site to support it. Some of the other flightsim sites just opened new sections in their...
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  • Article: State of the Site - March 2023

    Article: State of the Site - March 2023

    You can view the page at
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  • State of the Site - November 2023
    by eric

    Happy Thanksgiving! I know we've got a lot to be thankful for in our household, and I hope everyone gets a chance to spend some time with those they care about and celebrate the good things in their lives.

    To celebrate fall a little late, I've been having some fun in the Upper Peninsula on MLT's Michigan Iron Ore route, which I've been meaning to pick up for a while.

    It's my idea of a perfect route -- not too large, and one where you can spend as little or as long as you...
    Posted 11-23-2023, 12:34 AM
  • Riding the Milwaukee Road... Sort of.
    by eric

    This week, I got to combine two of my hobbies.... Off-roading and railroads.

    I've written before about some of our ATV rides in Tennessee, and we recently acquired a four seat Honda Pioneer 700 UTV to add to our off-road "toy collection".

    For those who have no idea ATV/UTV means... a "traditional" ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is a three or four-wheeler with handle bar steering and a motorcycle style saddle seat. A UTV (utility-trail vehicle) has a steering...
    Posted 11-18-2023, 05:01 PM
  • New Ad-Free Pass
    by eric

    If you currently use an ad blocker and are not a paying member on the site, you may have started to see a additional message asking you to disable your ad blocker or pay for a subscription.

    I've made no secret that this site costs money to operate, and while many of our visitors have been willing to help support it through First Class Memberships or a FastPass, many more do not.

    Some of you may not see a direct value in paying for a full year membership or a one-month...
    Posted 11-15-2023, 11:33 PM
  • Rememberance Day / Veterans Day
    by eric

    On this Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, in the United States we honor our Veterans. Worldwide, many nations celebrate Remembrance Sunday, which this year falls on Sunday, November 12th.

    From the trenches to the oceans, islands, and deserts, Veterans answered the call when your country asked.

    You fought to protect our values, and paid a heavy price in doing so. Many continue to pay the price.

    Today, we remember those who fell in service and honor those...
    Posted 11-10-2023, 09:09 PM
  • SP Shasta Video Review
    by eric

    At The Railyard reviews the TrainSimulations SP Shasta Route.
    Posted 11-06-2023, 10:44 AM
  • Run8 - A New CSX Route and an Update
    by eric

    It's been a busier than normal week for the folks over at Run 8 Studios.

    Hyrail Solutions released their CSX Baldwin, centered around Baldwin, Florida near Jacksonville.

    Run8 issued their latest game update as well - Dale wrote about it in the Run8 forum here back on Monday, so check out the details at the following link:

    The Baldwin route features portions...
    Posted 11-02-2023, 12:22 AM