Burlington Northern 30’s Train Set

$12 to download

Set includes three U30C and four C30-7 locomotives(pre-ditchlight era), including a ‘whiteface’ C30-7(w/ditchlights). Also included is a set of BN coal hoppers and a BN caboose.

In the late ‘70’s, this 6-axle GE power could be seen all over the BN system hauling the heaviest loads, but coal was where they shined the most. The Powder River basin was alive with the sounds of these ‘7 FDL’16 cylinder power plants moving lengthy coal trains to energy customers all over the country.

Model Details

  • 3 GE U30C Locomotives
  • 4 GE C30-7 Locomotives
  • 6 BN Coal Cars(loaded & empty)
  • 4 BN cabooses with ‘Passenger View’ interiors

System requirements

  • Open Rails 1.0 or higher
  • 32Mb 3D video hardware acceleration or better
  • 100Mb of available hard drive space

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To Download

To Install

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