Southern Pacific Pack 2

$26 to download

Set includes 4 SD40T-2’s and 3 SD45’s in their ‘as-delivered’ Southern Pacific paint schemes. This is the second of four SP Packs released for the S.P. West Colton route, by 3DTrainstuff.

From 1972 and into the ‘90’s, the West Colton classification yard and surrounding main lines were a busy area on the S.P. system.

West Colton was the junction of lines west into Los Angeles and north over the Colton-Palmdale Cutoff. The Colton tower at the Santa Fe crossover as well as the Palmdale cut-off were hot spots for railroading. Also on the route is Santa Fe’s San Bernardino yard. There are many activities available for the SP Packs on the S.P. West Colton route. Some have been updated for the Open Rails platform and are available for download here - Activities for West Colton

Model Details

    • 4 EMD SD40T-2 Locomotives in the ‘as-delivered’ S.P. paint scheme
    • 3 EMD SD45 Locomotives in the ‘as-delivered’ S.P. paint scheme
    • 3 ACF tank cars(O-100-7 CLASS) - S.P.
    • 15 TOFC & COFC Flat Cars(loaded) & empty flats - S.P. & TTAX

System requirements

  • Open Rails 1.0 or higher
  • 32Mb 3D video hardware acceleration or better
  • 100Mb of available hard drive space

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