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Stanier Black 5 for TS12

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    Stanier Black 5 for TS12

    Hi there,
    I just downloaded the Stanier 5MT for Trainz Simulator 2012, and I'm missing a few dependencies for it, the tender, and the bogeys. Can you help me find them? Note:I don't have the Settle & Carlisle expansion pack.

    The dependencies are as follows:

    Which Black Five? If it's from the Railsim UK site then chances are you may need dependencies from the original S&C pack which can be purchased from N3V. Failing that, have you tried looking for the dependencies on the DLS (Download Station)?


      Yeah, it's from the website. Dang it. Just tried looking for them on the DLS. Not on there.


        I'll repeat, you need to buy the S&C pack from the N3V Simulator Central shop. The core product is payware not freeware - though the additional content made by Railsim UK was distributed free of charge.


          hey, alphathor01, mstsguy123 here to help.

          northernwarrior is right. i tried the same thing. you need the s&c addon from n3v, costing about 15 bucks. the black 5 uses the tender and those other dependencies from the stanier 8f included in the addon, such as the tender (it says the tender comes from the 8f in the description) and the underframe. i dont know about the bogies, though.

          if i were u, i would get the addon. it includes the 8f mentioned above, the entire s&c (plus the extension from settle to hellifield and on to skipton), a br britannia class 7 in a green livery, a class a3 gresley 4-6-2 in a green livery, an aspinall 2f 0-6-0st, a class 40 whistler diesel, a class 24 rat diesel, a 3f jinty, an updated class 37, 4f and wagons, and an entire rake of mk1 (regular and suburban) in 2 liveries. it is the best route for ts12 ever!

          also make sure you look at the updates for the content there. one is a britannia tender texture fix, and one is an 8f curvature fix.

          just 1 last thing: make sure you get the class 45 peak loco. it is really cool and suitable for runs to over ais gill summit.

          see ya!!!


            Agree re the Class 45's - they were mean machines, particularly the ones which didn't have ETH (train supply) fitted sapping the power. Nicknamed "Wagons", as in sixteen wheels on my wagon!


              Thor --

              You will find the S&C an excellent investment. While I found the route itself almost bought my PC to its knees the locomotives that come as part of the package are superb:






                Agreed Phil, they are the best steam locos created for Trainz - decent 3D models, sounds and cabs, about the best physics implementation you are going to see for steam traction in the sim and set up to consume coal and water.


                  Vern --

                  Got an email from N3V today. In part:
                  This week, you can pick up a copy of Settle and Carlisle, Murchison 2, or Cabon City for 25% Off!

                  Settle and Carlisle takes you to one of the most famous and scenic British main lines at the time of the transition from steam to diesel power. With 10 different types of locomotives and dozens of rolling stock items at your disposal you decide what train to drive. Sessions featuring Anglo-Scottish expresses, local stopping trains, fast freights, heavy mineral, slow pickup goods or trip workings offer a rich variety of services for your enjoyment. The 87 mile route from Skipton to Carlisle over the wild and remote Pennine moors will test your driving skills and ability to keep to schedule.

                  Murchison 2 is a merging of the original Narrow Gauge Murchison logging layout with an extensive Standard Gauge rail network. By incorporating landscape based on actual electronic map data with the specially developed Nature Series sets (animated waterfalls, river splines, textures, cliff splines, rail ledge splines, rock splines), Murchison 2 takes Trainz to a new level of realism. The result is a photorealistic layout, set in the steam/diesel transition era, that users can submerge themselves in for a complete interactive rail experience.

                  Classic Cabon City is a large city with over 180 stations and a two-track system enabling full choice in the route to your destination. Drive two different Trams with their own cab and follow your route on the HUD interface, Switch junctions directly from the Driver's cabin and explore the vast city laid out before you. The scenery and ambience bring life to the city with attention to detail, high-resolution textures, lighting and Shadows and a great night mode make this the most realistic driving experience to date.


                    I bought it and installed all the stuff it gave me and still am missing some stuff


                      You do realise this thread is nearly 10 years old?