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New to Trainz. Will this help to avoid a membership?

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    New to Trainz. Will this help to avoid a membership?

    So, I just bought the Platinum Edition.
    I click the Trainz shortcut and select Content Manager. Next I select the filter "Available for Download". Then I type Control-a which selects/highlights all of them on that list (a few thousand). And then right click and select Download.

    This will now download all the missing assets one after the other (I think). The process just started, it will take hours probably. But in the end won't I have most of the assests that I purchased downloaded, and then only have to occasionally download a few items without a membership very slowly?

    Is this a good way to get around paying a membership subscription? And get around having to constantly download stuff (because it's already downloaded)?

    EDIT: I have a 2 TB SSD only 1/4 full in my computer. I imagine the full Trainz Platinum is only going to be 100 GB or so, which is not even 10% of my available space.

    Whelp, that idea did not work. There are about 410,000 assets to download. Instead of hours, would take days at 100 Mbps. TrainZ 2019 shows to be about 50 GB. The original download is 15.5 GB. So obviously the other 35 GB could have been downloaded from Trainz in the original download. But they want you download piecemeal thus making you buy a ticket or be satisfied with 20 kbps download speeds, or about 1000 times to slow to be of any value.

    MSFS 2020 is a much bigger program, over 220 GB. But it all comes down in one fell swoop. Thus making any paid ticket or membership not necessary. MSFS will continue to make money as you buy add-on from their store. But you do not need a subscription just to get the base game as you do with TRAINZ.

    Unless you have lots of money, I would avoid TRAINZ.

    Although the subscription (First Class Ticket) is only $35 a year.