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    Yup Jerome quite a few dodgy sites with Trainz stuff on them. I must be crazy to keep going back to it. But the other train games are not much better. Its just a shame they all have their good points, but also their really bad points.

    Be good if someone could come up with one, that takes in all the good features.

    Yma O Hyd


      Hey Phil,

      So this route I'm working on, which is basically a take-off of a route I saw for N scale from a Model Railroad issue (May of 95 I believe)...

      Click image for larger version

Name:	trap and garnet ridge plan.jpg
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      ... built out of a single piece of plywood 4x8. I have the track laid in Trainz and currently it's waiting for me to import objects that I built as well as the ones I plan to populate the route with. I have to use my own objects because I prefer to keep them all in the same scale.

      But I'm in the middle of video project that I started some time ago...

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Unity_pier_scene_small.jpg
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      ... so I do the Trainz building when I get the time.

      You can see more about the pier project here:

      "Will it be full of your usual high quality custom content, or material built-in and from the Download Station?"

      Several years now I've been building in Blender and I'd like to see how that effects the look of stuff meant for a Trainz route using PBR materials. Jim Ward used to brag on Trainz's abilities to do activities and I'd like to see that in action.

      "I'm forced to use content by others in my routes and layouts."

      You get a pretty good look for your routes Phil. Even more impressive is wherever the trackwork comes from it is outstanding! A tutorial on where you get the ideas for your trackwork would be a blessing.

      "I'm now in the painful process of attempting to prepare it as DLC and put it into the assessment system. Trust me, it is very painful."

      Trainz makes it painful or do you mean uploading it to a site?



        I will confess that I did not understand the appeal of Trainz (and similar attitudes) until now.
        I mainly enjoyed passenger service in MSTS and Railworks 1... the bondage of timetable and coordinating with other trains on routes like Northeast Corridor and Oxford-Paddington was brought into focus by a finely crafted interface, unlike the one offered by Trainz or Railworks 2+... but once I got into the freight activities of Railworks I began to understand... understand how BEAUTIFUL these machines are... even the wagons, full of coal or grain or intermodal containers filled with who knows what...
        Now, based on reviews I have seen, I know that TSW is focused on the Trainz route, trying to de-throne it like GTA wanted to de-throne Doom.. but the original Doom (and here I include the official Episode 4 and Sigil) will never be de-throned, just as Trainz will always be trains Trainz and there is no denying what is Trainz's... yet still I will live in hope that one day we will see a re-infusion of the original simulator (MSTS) DNA into the genre of "games with trains", and there will be decent games that focus on passenger service


          Oh I missed the little shot a few messages because I had other things to do with my time instead of cheap shots. I could recommend Trainz 2019 & Run8 for various reasons. Doesn't mean I have to have a favorite or even run any of them right now (which is exactly where I am right now).

          I understand people have had issues with Trainz for compatibility between versions, downloads, etc. Personally I never ran it that way so I didn't encounter that issue. I'm only sharing my own personal experience.

          Then again perhaps some would rather make this a private chat room in public, then have any serious discussions about the various simulators that are still out there.




            It is mainly the editors that keep me coming back, mainly because TSC is locked down or assets like stations are simply constructed as one huge block so can't really be used elsewhere. However still sticking with '19, though I suspect '22 will be heavily discounted before long. Had an email from N3V this morning already discounting by $10 so may be struggling with sales a bit. Hold out until Xmas and I will grab the Steam version if it goes under £30.

            It's a shame about the Russian situation as it's some of the best third party in the game. Ironically though much of it is from a Ukrainian guy (Olegkhim). Biggest problem is that the Russian users seem to have no qualms cloning items and uploading with a different user ID resulting in a plethora of identical assets to which N3V turn a blind eye. However my view is regardless of source, Russian stuff best left alone for now in case things deteriorate and the whole lot gets pulled.


              I had to finish up a project I've been working on before I could dive into getting models into Trainz. I've been working on a movie project of the USS Holland heading out for sea trials. I had to build all the models though the water, smoke and sea gulls are 'animations' I had to purchase. The last of the model building is a freighter I started simply as a prop but I came across a picture of a Camano class that I wanted to model much like I do all my other models. So it took a bit longer to do. But it's done now and if you go to the link below to see it you'll need to scroll down some to see the freighter.

              All the pictures I try to upload here come up much smaller than they should.