By request, Nels has given us a new forum for Trainz screenshots, so post away.

That's a tutorial on how to post screenshots to the forum, note that if you already have a favorite image editor that converts images to compressed JPG files, much of that you won't need. For Trainz specifically, you hit the Print Screen key (usually in the upper right corner of the keyboard) it saves either .jpg or .tga files to a \Screenshots folder. My paths in Windows Explorer;


C:\Program Files\Auran\TRS2004\ScreenShots

Depending on what version you have and where it's installed it will be in a different location. Be advised even with TS2010 which saves in JPG format you can't upload those images directly, since the forum allows a maximum of 100k and the stored screenshots average about 600k, so you'll need to compress them with some kind of image editor.