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Alpha textures not displaying correctly in Railworks - HELP please!

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    Alpha textures not displaying correctly in Railworks - HELP please!

    Hello everyone - new to this site. I switched from MSTS to Train Simulator several years ago, but have been frustrated by the restricted/duplicated offerings available in the route editor. I used to make my own, in MSTS, in Train Sim Modeler, but no good for Railworks, so I tried, first 3D Crafter, then a brief dabble with Blender, before finally getting to grips properly with 3DC (Yes, I know it's dated, but exporting to Railworks is straightforward, unlike Blender.)

    I've just about mastered the texturing methods and my models (buildings, mainly,) look fine... apart from textures containing alphas- which fail to display properly, when exported. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, and I do remember it was quite a while before I completely mastered it in Train Sim Modeler, but I can't seem to get over this problem:

    I texture the item in 3DC and the 'holes' appear transparent, as wanted.

    I export to Train Simulator and the 'holes' are rendered solid.

    Train Sim View.jpg3DC View_02.jpg
    Can anyone help, or point me in the right direction for help?


    Hi mate, I've sent you a pm to ask if you can email me the screenshots as I can't even get the images to load up on the forums. If it's the same issue I had once using Blender 2.79b I would certainly be able to help you. If of course you still need help!