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Signal Tutorial (Part 1)

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    Signal Tutorial (Part 1)

    Links to parts 3 - 6 are at, in the forum.

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    WOW what a super set of tutorials. Answered a couple of questions for me.
    A must see for anyone wanting to signal their routes.

    Thanks again
    Fair Winds and Smooth Sailing



      Can you explain why you are cutting track around junctions?

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          I found that if I did not do that, sometimes the signals would not initialize properly or would not recognize when you switched the junction. Usually this was when signaling junctions that were close together, such as a yard ladder or like in my tutorial, where I have a few junctions close to each other.

          At first, I tried placing the link inside the frog of each line but that did not give consistent results. Sometimes the signal would change, sometimes not, even though the links were positioned the same for each junction.

          After many hours of placing signals I found that most often if I was having trouble, I would find that multiple signal links were in the same long ribbon section of track. I also found if I split and welded the offending section the signal would start working correctly. I just incorporated it into my routine when signaling and it helps with link placement.

          To be honest I think the issue is more of a track ribbon data issue in the data files than a signaling issue but it manifests itself in the signals not working correctly. The split/weld routine seems to fix the track ribbon data issue, if it exists, for the junction.

          I'll see if I can come up with a sample and make a video to show you what I am talking about but like I said, it is rare due to the fact that is a combination affect. The ribbon data must be a little off and you must be signaling that same area otherwise you would never know the problem existed. My way just seems to stop this error from appearing randomly as I do the preventative split/weld on all junctions.



            Hi Pike,

            I move your thread to the RW Tutorials And Links Forum and made it a sticky. It's a good tutorial and taught me something about it.
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              I just want to add here that this is not a rule book. This is just how I do signaling and get consistent results.

              If you are signaling in tight quarters, like a yard ladder then the basic rules of (keep your links in separate ribbons and don't place them across the ribbon outlines) do not apply.

              For general signaling though, these are good guidelines that will keep you out of trouble.

              Keep an eye open for more tutorials covering yard ladders and other unusual situations.




                Thank you very much for the tutorial. I've been locked in mortal combat with a signal test route for months and your tutorial might just help me make sense of it all.

                I'd set aside some time tomorrow to have a go with my latest DLC acquisitions but I'm going to play with the signalling again.

                Fair play to you for taking the time to gain this knowledge and spending the time to pass it on.



                  thanks pikehkr for the videos for signals. what i did was made the same route and place the same kinda signals well i use the default ones that came with game and it work just like in the video. just to get understanding on how it works but ya i got to say placeing signals is really easy in railworks. now i'm ready to place signals on my others routes. thanks so so much.


                    What happened to the tutorial? I'm seeing a blank page where it should be.


                      Try these - they were posted over at RWA:

                      Signal Tutorial Part 1:
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                      Signal Follow-up Link Placement:

                      Signal Tutorial for Blocking Part 1:
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                      Signal Tutorial for Blocking Part 3:
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                      Signal Tutorial for Blocking Part 5:

                      Melanie - 3DTrains


                        Thanks Mark. Appreciated.



                          Thanks for uploading these tutorials. The community is very dedicated and helpful here. I am planning to build a small route and these videos will come in handy!