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17% Hold lapped. ? Brakes stuck on

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    17% Hold lapped. ? Brakes stuck on

    Hello, I'm driving a Union Pacific Diesel No. 3521. It has 5 fans on the top. Grey and yellowy.
    I can't get the brakes to go fully off. Sometimes it shows "2% release" but then goes back to 17% hold lapped. Oddly enough , the brake cylinder pressure shows 0. But the brakes are definitely on. 12% throttle won't get the thing moving even on the flat. Help ? I remember that MSTS had a thing called baling the brakes, but I don't think TS 16 has that. How do I get the brakes fully off any ideas please ????

    Hmmm. Maybe the brakes aren't stuck on. They can't be if brake cylinder pressure = 0 can they ?


      I'll try to answer what I can without firing up TS2016.

      I assume from your description you are driving a locomotive from the Sherman Hill route, likely the SD40-2, updated to TS2016 standards.

      The brakes on locomotives from the DRGW Soldier Summit route and Sherman Hill (after the TS2016 upgrade) have the most advanced brake controls yet for North American trains.

      The Automatic Brake works like this: 0% is release. When you apply the brakes, you should see that you are forced to stop at 24%. Once you have paused at 24% (first service), you can apply more brake or release it.

      When you release the Automatic Brake, you should get stuck at 17% on the way down. Pause at 17% and attempt to release the brake again. You should be able to move the handle to 0%.

      The Independent Brake has a bail-off function on the Soldier Summit SD40T-2, D&RGW SD9, and Sherman Hill UP locomotives. IIRC, the brake handle is at 20% on the HUD in normal resting position. Moving it towards 100% applies the locomotive brake, while moving it to 0% initiates the bail-off function. The handle should automatically slide back to 20% when moved to 0%.

      Now, the zero pressure showing in the brake cylinder exposes a bug in the Sherman Hill locomotives. Take a single locomotive out for a Quickdrive and get some speed built up on level track. First, apply the train brake to first service (24%). Then, initiate a brake bail-off by reducing the Independent Brake to 0%.
      Driving the Soldier Summit SD40T-2, you should not only see the brake cylinder pressure needle drop to zero, but the speedometer should reflect a free-wheeling momentum.
      Driving the TS2016 Sherman Hill locomotives, you should see the brake cylinder pressure needle drop to zero, but the locomotive soon grinds to a halt.

      I have not tried this test since TS2016 was first released. It may have been corrected.

      Good luck with driving!



        The only locomotive I have that reacts that way is the Gas Turbine. There are three ways to release brake. One is to click on brake handle on HUD. While clicking and holding left mouse , move to release position. You will hear a click and brakes will start to release. Two is to click and hold brake handle, you will see the handle move and you will hear the click. Then move the mouse hand left across the screen. The brakes will then start to release. The third is the semi-colon on the keyboard. Just tap key and the brake will release. This is for the automatic brake, not the locomotive brake.
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