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Train Simulator 20XX v SimRail

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    Train Simulator 20XX v SimRail

    The reason I've played Train Simulator for years (32,000 hrs?) is because I can do what I want. I only do Free Roam. I can pick any train, even a German diesel on a US track, and go where I want. Brilliant.
    All the scenario stuff is lost on me. Not interested.
    That's why I couldn't get on with Train Sim World. And all that walking about to change your points and stuff, yawn.

    I've seen Run8. Beautifully rendered locos and rolling stock but the scenery is sparse and uninspiring.

    But yesterday I saw a trailer for SimRail. That looks beautiful. Is there lots of track to play with? How many routes? Can you Free Roam and do what you want or is it trudging around like TSW ?
    Regards , John.

    It is subjective but personally I wouldn't rate SimRail over TSC or TSW. It is essentially just the one route with repeating scenery and unless you really engage with multiplayer, not much else on offer.

    I actually quite enjoy the greater interaction TSW offers, in terms of walking around. Just a shame some of the routes are so short or limited in terms of supplied traction. The all day timetable definitely gives an edge over TSC, though the latter still has the edge for steam traction and longer routes.


      SimRail, multiplayer orientated. No freeroam and i would say single player was an after thought, to grab a few more punters.

      Yma O Hyd