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    Eric from TrainSim

    More than once, my wife has said the worst thing she ever bought for me was a copy of Microsoft Train Simulator for Christmas in 2001...

    We still had dialup internet at the time, and it wasn't until 2003 that we broke down and got DSL. That's when I discovered this site (along with others from the day) and started to learn how to build my own routes. Since then, I've released a few routes and have been working on & off on two others. I've been a moderator both here at TrainSim and at ElvasTower for at least ten years, and rescued/bought TrainSim from a very uninterested party in early 2023. Outside of train simulation, I've been an occasional hands-on volunteer at the Illinois Railway Museum, and enjoy outdoor toys like camping, ATV's and canoeing.

    I bleed green and gold - I'm a lifelong Packers fan, my favorite railroad is the Chicago & North Western, I've owned three forest green Jeeps, and easily a third of my everyday wardrobe is a shade of... you guessed it.... green.

    My formal education and first "career" was as a high school music educator. I don't miss teaching, but still love performing classic wind band repertoire when I have a chance.

    Since 1986, I've been working for and with airlines, split about half and half between operations and technology. I've lived in Chicago, Long Island, Fort Worth, and Tucson, as well as working for several years in Houston. During 9 years as an airline IT consultant, I traveled globally and spent considerable time in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Somewhere in all that, my wife & I found time to raise three great kids who are now in various stages of moving on in their own lives and starting their families.
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    Pleasure to meet you, Eric.
    Great idea, your wife's at 2001. I also bought MSTS CD in 2001.
    Congratulations and good luck.
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      Nice bio, Eric. Thanks for all of your time and effort in running this site.