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DRS: Train editor released

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    DRS: Train editor released

    The editor is finally out: left-click on "Train editor" in the main menu to start making a new train from scratch, or right-click to open one of the existing trains. (It's easier to make a new train by modifying an old one.)

    In the editor, right-click on empty space or parts of the train to change the graphics, sounds and physics of the vehicles. The guide on Steam has more information.

    There's already a bunch of trains and repaints in the workshop. In order to use trains from the workshop, they first need to be assigned to a timetable. More information in this thread.

    Important changes to driving
    • Railcars now have a working handbrake. Don't forget to release it before moving off!
    • The vacuum brake for the railcars has been changed to work by holding down the release or application key instead of a single press. You can control the rate of brake application or release by how much you move the handle. (The brake is still manually lapped instead of self-lapping like the Class 37 train brake.)
    • Friction characteristics of cast-iron block brakes are now modelled correctly (brakes are stronger at low speeds)
    • The default keys for changing vehicle and panel are now Shift+V and Shift+P respectively (avoiding accidental cab change when trying to brake)
    • Gear might no longer engage properly unless throttle is closed before shifting
    • Class 03 throttle handle moves faster and the right-hand side cab position faces backwards by default
    • Class 37 loco brakes have been strengthened

    Signalling and traffic fixes
    • Fixed signaller bugs that caused it to clear some signals incorrectly
    • Fixed trains that span multiple signal blocks to spawn correctly
    • Improved train routing to reduce waiting times and prevent going through slow tracks for no reason
    • Fixed signals to update properly when editing the track they're on
    • Changed rescue scenarios to use Class 37 instead of 03 for heavy trains

    Other changes
    • Added regency townhouses and Victorian factories by Sparky66 to the buildings library
    • Fixed missing rail joints between some pairs of turnouts
    • Fixed sounds sometimes not playing properly
    • Fixed AI driver sometimes having problems starting uphill with a Class 03
    • Fixed route editor making changes to the old route after saving as new
    • Fixed timetables not being shown in the menu for a particular route, even when the timetable file is placed in that route's folder
    • Various physics, graphics and audio improvements to the trains
    • Fixed several crashes in editors and driving sim
    • Small performance optimisations

    Well done Oskari, keep the DRS developments coming buddy please.

    Yma O Hyd