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Cyberpunk Freight Trains

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    Cyberpunk Freight Trains

    Hey everyone. Something a little different here. Artwork created by artificial intelligence is getting quite interesting now, and here's a selection of railway-themed pictures of futuristic freight trains, drawn basically by computor (All I did was tell the computor what to draw)

    So, if you've ever fancied driving freight trains for Union Perimeter in and out of Cyber-City a hundred years from now, enjoy these snapshots

    Are these just drawing or 3D drawings? It would be very cool if they can do 3D drawings.




      At the moment the development is on 2D imagery like these, but I do know that one software company has developed a 3D generator, early days yet, but given the progress so far it won't be all that long.


        Very cool developments. More useful is the AI texture generator for Blender. Tell it what you want and it makes a custom texture for you.

        Carson Katri has shared his Stable Diffusion-based seamless texture generator for Blender, available for free on his GitHub. It’s been a little more than a week since our last round-up on the state of…

        But back to 2D art - when I asked for a 'victorian passenger train' MidJourney AI came up with this strange bit ...



          I could never get Midjourney to do anything . But it does depend on the exact text you use. With experience, you learn certain combinations of 'power words' make all the difference and define the final appearance. I'm getting better at it but some people out there have really mastered the art. I tried the same thing, "Victorian Passenger Train" plus some style buzzwords. I got this...


            Amazing pics. The artwork of Syd Mead comes to mind, and the film Blade Runner. Grotesque but beautiful, kinda like the BL2 locomotive!

            Isn't it true that a video card with at least 6GB of RAM is required for some, like the Stable Diffusion app? I'm shy 2GBs on my sim rig, alas.

            I've read that programmers have already had to impose filters on keywords to prevent offensive and X-rated stuff: keywords like "Elizabeth Taylor doing ---- on John Wayne" etc., else the AI will render it up. And rendering, not a quick thing, understandably so.

            Some art galleries are putting policies in place to ban AI art like this. As Dirty Harry said: "Only with humans."
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